Fabulous Instagram Feeds: 16 Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now

Find out why we're wild about the feeds of these 16 must-follow Instagram users!

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1. Gabriel Picolo


Gabriel is a freelance illustrator based in Brazil. If you enjoy reading comics, then you’ll love this talented artist’s work, which he regularly shares on his account. 

2. National Geographic


Most of us grew up on the pages of National Geographic magazine. We love this account, which keeps our feeds stocked with mesmerizing photos of wildlife and people from all walks of life.

3. Bang Bang Tattoo


This account is run by one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world—and you can tell! Its feed is filled with some of the most stunning tattoos we’ve ever seen.

4. Nina Olsson


A few of us here at the office are vegetarian, so we follow accounts featuring plant-based recipes. Nina’s incredible fixings will make even the most staunch carnivore’s mouth water.

5. Juniper


We love Juniper. Not only is this fox incredibly sweet and adorable, but her owner does an incredible job of educating Juniper’s followers about the nature of foxes.

6. Baddie Winkle


Baddie Winkle reminds us all that we’re never too old to have a little fun. We love seeing this badass eighty-eight-year-old don all of her colorful outfits and reading her sassy comments.

7. The Sketchbook Project


This account features beautiful pages from sketchbooks around the world. You can even order and cre ate your own, then send it in to be included in the sketchbook library.

8. Haarkon / India & Magnus


If you love plants (and many of us here do), then Haarkon is the perfect account to follow. Interior and exterior spaces filled with greenery is this page’s specialty.

9. Caroline Khoo


This online dessert boutique shares photos of the most beautiful creations we’ve ever seen—everything from unicorn-themed cake pops to bright pink martinis topped with cotton candy.

10. rupi kaur


This best-selling author and illustrator found much of her success on Instagram, and has since published two books of poetry. If you love prose or simple one-liners, then be sure to check her out.

11. Wesley the Pirate Cat


We might be a little bias here, but we are big fans of Wesley around the office. Not only is he heartwarmingly adorable, but he actually lives with our associate editor Rheanne Taylor!

12. Megan Crabbe


Megan is all about body positivity and shares posts on everything from intuitive eating and body confidence to problems with the diet industry and unrealistic body standards.

13. Adam Ellis


Run by the popular web comic artist Adam Ellis, this account is filled with bright and funny comics with lots of great inside jokes for the LGBTQIA+ community.

14. Murad Osmann


We love this Russian photographer’s gorgeous travel images, which feature him and his wife hand in hand in various parts of the world.

15. Adrian Kozakiewicz


Bugs might give most of us the creepy crawlies, but this insect breeder is reminding us that there is beauty to be found in even the world’s tiniest (and sometimes weirdest) critters.

16. Homepolish


Homepolish features photos of modern interior design, which is great inspiration if you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your home.

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