How to Put 2 Pictures Side-by-Side on iPhone (2022)

Learn how to put two pics side-by-side on iPhone with the Shortcuts app.

Have you ever wondered how to place two photos side-by-side on your iPhone? Maybe you want to create a photo showing a comparison between your current self and yourself from 10 years ago or a before and after of a home renovation. While there's no feature in the Photos app that allows you to combine two photos into one, that doesn't mean you can't create a side-by-side photo on your iPhone. Here's how to do it.

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Make a Shortcut to Create a Side-by-Side Photo on iPhone

While there are apps that can put two photos side-by-side such as Canvas, using the Shortcuts app on your iPhone can do the job without requiring you to purchase a third-party app. After you've learned how to create a side-by-side picture, feel free to read our article about troubleshooting a shaking iPhone camera

  1. Open the Shortcuts app.

  2. Tap the Plus sign to create a shortcut.

  3. Search for and then tap Select Photos.

  4. Tap on the Select Photos section.

  5. Turn on the Select Multiple toggle.

  6. Search for and tap on Combine Images.

  7. In the Combined Images section, check if the Mode field to see if it’s set to Horizontally. If not, tap on Horizontally to change it.

  8. Tap on the arrow next to Horizontally to adjust how much space you want between the photos. If you don't want any spacing, you can skip this step.

  9. Search for and Tap on Save to Photo Album.

  10. Tap the field at the top of the screen to name your shortcut.

  11. To set up quick access to your shortcut, tap on the blue toggle icon.

  12. Tap Add to Home Screen.

  13. Tap Add, and it will show you your shortcut on the Home screen. 

  14. Go back to Shortcuts.

  15. Tap Done.

  16. Tap X to save and close.

How to Create a Photo by Putting 2 Photos Side-by-Side

You have learned how to set up a shortcut for combining photos. Here's how to use it to put two photos side-by-side. 

  1. Open the shortcut that you've created and added to your Home screen.

  2. Search for and select the two photos you want to combine.

  3. Tap Add, and then wait a few seconds.

  4. Go to the Photos app.

  5. Tap on the photo you've created to view.


Now that you know how to create a side-by-side picture without a third-party app, please take the time to read our article on how to use a timer on your iPhone camera.

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