How We Select the Products That We Recommend

iPhone Life is committed to helping our readers become confident technology users. Whether through tips, guides, or product reviews, our aim is to give you the knowledge to make your own decisions with confidence.

Since 2008 we have been publishing gear reviews, guides, and recommendations. We take great pleasure in carefully researching the best gear on the market so that our readers can save time and money when making decisions about what to buy. We know that trust takes time to earn, which is why we take our responsibility very seriously.

Of the many products on the market, we only review and recommend the very best—and only the ones that we ourselves use. You can rest assured that if it appears on this website, we believe in it. But we don’t just rely on our own judgment. The iPhone Life community has historically been a vibrant source of user-generated reviews and our product recommendations reflect that tradition. 

So if you have found a product that you love, drop us a note and tell us why! 

Affiliate Disclosure

Some articles and product reviews contain affiliate links. That means that when you click on a link in that article and make a purchase, the company sends us a small commission. Not every link is an affiliate link—we will let you know which ones are by including a notice at the top of the page.

Affiliate linking is an extremely common practice on publishing websites like ours because it helps cover our operating expenses without bombarding our readers with advertisements. That way, we can continue to provide great content without tarnishing the experience of readers or slowing down your connection with popups and video ads.