How to Use Volume Buttons to Take Photos on Your iPhone

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Did you know you can use your iPhone's volume buttons to snap photos? Learning how to get the best angle for a photo on an iPhone can be tricky. Using the iPhone volume buttons can make it easier to take a picture when holding the iPhone at an awkward angle. Here's a quick tip on how to take a photo with your iPhone's volume buttons.

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  • For this tip, your iPhone must have iOS 11 or later.
  • Open the Camera app.

  • Select which Camera option you want to use.

  • The volume buttons are the second (up) and third (down) buttons on the left edge of your iPhone. When you're ready to take a photo (or start one of the video options), press either the up or down button. 
  • You can hold your phone upright (portrait, or north-south).
  • Or you can hold your phone sideways (landscape, or west-east).


Now you can snap photos using the volume buttons! Enjoy taking selfies without any more awkward finger stretching.

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