Identify Mystery Numbers: How to Find No Caller ID on iPhone

What to Know

  • You can dial *69 or use third-party apps to trace an unknown caller's identity (even for hidden numbers that show No Caller ID).
  • For unwanted callers, you can report the number as spam and adjust your settings to silence or block these notifications. 

If you've received a call from an unknown number or a number that displays as No Caller ID, be careful! Telemarketers and scammers often intentionally hide their number or even display a fake number to hide their identity. We'll show you how to unmask No Caller ID numbers on your iPhone by using *69 or third-party apps to track unknown callers. Once you have this information, you can report the unknown caller and adjust your settings to silence or block the unknown number.

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Dial *69 to Track an Unknown Caller with No Caller ID

Dialing *69 is an extremely handy service when it comes to finding out an unknown caller's identity. When you miss a call from an unknown number, you can dial *69 to trace the number—and name and address if listed in a public database—to reveal more information about the caller's identity. This will help you figure out who called, even if the phone number is hidden and shows up as No Caller ID. However, this service is only offered by some phone companies, and some providers may charge an additional fee. If you do want to use this service, here's how to track a No Caller ID number on your iPhone:

  1. Dial *69 immediately after a missed call from an unknown number or a number that shows No Caller ID.

    Dial 869 to find out an unknown caller number.
  2. If the service doesn’t automatically activate, press the green call button.
  3. An automated voice will tell you the last number that called you along with any other available caller ID information.

Once you have this information, you can call the number back and attempt to remove yourself from the call list. However, the easiest and best method is simply to block the number on your iPhone.

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If the number is unmasked (you can see the number), the caller's information may be publicly available in places like on the internet or in the Yellow Pages.

Use a 3rd-Party App Find Out an Unknown Caller's Number 

If your service provider does not offer *69, you can still access the information by downloading a third-party app. We've gone through and chosen a few reliable and trustworthy apps to find and identify unknown numbers and callers. If you like tips like this, sign up for our free Tip of the Day Newsletter!

reverse lookup app
1. Reverse Lookup - Free

Reverse Lookup is a free service that allows you to run a reverse search on a phone number. While this isn't useful if you don't know the caller's number, it's still helpful if you're receiving a lot of random calls from the same number. There's always the possibility that someone simply has the wrong number, or you can discern whether that person is someone you know. Either way, not a lot of these services are completely free, and that's definitely a pro in and of itself.

number finder app
2. Number Finder - $7.99–$14.99

Number Finder is one of the top apps to make reverse phone number searches. You can use this app to reveal the phone number of No Caller ID phone calls, whether you missed the call or receive a text from the number instead of a call. You can also gain access to detailed information, including potentially the name and location of the caller. This way, you can avoid annoying bill collectors, scammers, telemarketers, and even exes for a more peaceful frame of mind. Additionally, this app does offer a three-day free trial period if you only need to nail down one or two annoying callers in the short term.

trapcall app
3. TrapCall - $9.99–$94.99* 

If you need a way to see No Caller ID numbers on your iPhone, TrapCall is a service that will reveal the number and Caller ID of anyone who has masked their number. By allowing you to check No Caller ID numbers, TrapCall can turn unfamiliar numbers into real names, even sometimes including an address with Live Caller ID. The service truly does offer some amazing benefits, including revealing numbers and identities of unknown calls, automatically blocking more than two hundred thousand identified spam callers and telemarketers, recording incoming phone calls for evidence, and tracking down digital stalkers. Additionally, this app also offers a 7-day free trial period. 

*Note: TrapCall app prices vary per country. 

Report Unknown Callers & Numbers

There are a few different ways you can report spam and scam calls. This is especially relevant if you feel you are being harassed or you would like police involvement. Because of this, these suggestions are not to be taken lightly, and these services should only be used under absolutely necessary circumstances.

1. Dial *57

Similar to *69, this service is offered by some phone providers. You can call this number after you receive an unwanted call and it will automatically connect you with your local law enforcement officials. Police will then be able to track your incoming calls, even those with "No Caller ID," and act upon them. If you are in an emergency, be sure to also dial 911 and contact emergency services immediately. However, keep in mind that *57 is not offered by all providers and may come at an additional charge.

2. Contact Your Phone Company

You may be able to receive assistance with annoying or harassing phone calls by contacting your service provider. The phone company may be able to provide you with the phone number of an unknown caller if the calls are coming in as "No Caller ID." They can also provide you with a list of both incoming and outgoing calls with the unmasked phone numbers easily visible. Also, you can receive assistance with blocking or reporting numbers via your phone company to ensure you no longer receive these calls.

3. If You're a US Resident, Report Scam Calls to the FTC

If you continue to receive scam calls, you can report them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which regulates callers in the United States. You can report potential scam calls to 1-888-382-1222, however, I recommend using the online form, which is easier and faster. Here's how to report scam calls to the FTC using their online form:

  1. Go to the FTC’s Report Fraud page.
  2. Click the Report Now button at the top of the page.
  3. Fill out the short form with any details you can provide.
  4. Once you've finished filling out the form, click Submit and your report will be sent to the FTC.

Silence Unknown Callers in Your iPhone Settings

While you need to know the phone number of a caller to block them, you can still block unknown numbers on your iPhone, even if you don't know the number or they are listed as No Caller ID. Apple has a built-in feature that will allow you to automatically silence unfamiliar phone numbers that are not in your contact list. While the callers can still leave a voicemail, your iPhone won't ring for unknown calls. If it is someone you know, you can always call the number back later, and be sure to save the number in your contacts to avoid missing calls from that person in the future. 

  1. To block No Caller ID numbers on your iPhone, open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Phone

    Tap Phone to silence calls with no caller id.
  3. Select Silence Unknown Callers.

    Stop unknown callers.
  4. Toggle Silence Unknown Callers to on. It will be green when enabled. 

    Toggle Silence Unknown Callers on.

Depending on your provider, you may also have an option within Phone settings to Silence Junk Callers. For instance, I use Verizon and I can turn this feature on in the Phone settings.

  1. Open the Settings app, then scroll down and tap Phone.

    Tap Phone to silence calls with no caller id.
  2. Select Call Blocking & Identification.

    Look for unknown caller id.
  3. Toggle Silence Junk Callers on. It will be green when enabled. 

    Toggle Silence Junk Callers on. It will be green when enabled. 

Enabling these settings are the best way to stop No Caller ID calls. If you have downloaded TrapCall or another call screening app, you will also be able to enable that app under this section of Phone settings as well. Junk, spam, and telemarketing schemes are common now through phone calls, making it important to protect our personal information and peace of mind. These random calls can be annoying, so don't feel bad about blocking them, silencing them, or getting to the bottom of who keeps calling you.


  • Why does a call say No Caller ID? If you see you see "No Caller ID," this means a caller purposefully blocked you from seeing their identity. For example, anyone with an iPhone can easily hide Caller ID. In rare cases, someone might have a good reason for doing this to protect their privacy, but it typically signals that you don't want to answer these calls.
  • Why am I getting so many unknown calls all of a sudden? Your number may be on a list that was sold to a scammer group, or if you use your number for business, it may be publicly available online. If you're receiving many of these calls, you should also learn how to know if a number is fake to help you avoid scammers. 
  • Is it better to ignore or decline spam calls? It is better to ignore calls from unknown numbers. If you answer a scam call once, that lets them know your number is in-service and encourages them to keep calling you back. Here's how to decline calls on your iPhone, so you avoid just letting your phone ring.
  • How can I stop getting unknown calls? Blocking spam numbers is usually ineffective. The best way to stop them on your iPhone is to enable the Silence Unknown Callers feature or invest in a call-blocking app.
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