25 Best Apple Watch Games: Classic Snake Game & More (2022)

Discover fun games to play on your Apple Watch including retro games, modern role-playing,  puzzles, and much more!

The Apple Watch is a serious piece of equipment, but it can also be used to blow off steam with games that can be enjoyed directly on your wrist for free! Learn how to get games on your Apple Watch and relive the good old days of Nokia’s classic snake game on your watch face. If retro games are not your style, don’t worry, there are many exciting free Apple Watch games for you to try.

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1. Classic Snake Game: 20 Watch Games - Classic Pack ($0.99)

Nothing entertains me more than playing the classic snake game by tapping on my Apple Watch's sleek screen. This classic game pack contains 20 mini-games that you can enjoy on your Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. This pack includes the infamous snake game and Mine Sweeper, Maze Man, Brick Breaker, Sudoku, and many others. My only complaint about Snake is that it doesn't utilize the Digital Crown. 

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Classic snake game on Apple Watch

2. Challenge A Friend on Your Phone: Pong (Free)

Yes, that’s right! Pong offers a multiplayer game that takes gaming on your Apple Watch to a whole new level. You can also play Pong all on your own, using the Digital Crown to move the paddle bar. If you want to play with a friend, you will have to swipe up in the app and tap versus. Next, select the same option on your iPhone, and you are ready to play! Since your iPhone and Apple Watch are synced, you don’t have to worry about any lags.

Pong game on Apple Watch

3. Play Golf Anywhere: Par 72 Golf Watch (Free)

This golf game is surprisingly complex for a small device like the Apple Watch; however, it works seamlessly! It has beautiful graphics that make the simple game so much more exciting. Par 72 Golf is super intuitive and easy to learn. Once you master picking the right club, factoring in the wind conditions, and applying the right amount of force, you’ll feel like the next Tiger Woods! This is one of the best free Apple games for your watch.

Par 72 Golf Watch game for Apple Watch

4. Shoot Bubbles: Bubble Wars (Free)

Bubble shooter games are all the rage and have consumed the lives of people for decades. Bubble Wars is played by over 10 million users worldwide and is undeniably addictive. The bubbles are pretty tiny, so if you have a smaller Apple Watch, you may find yourself squinting to make the perfect shot. It is an easy game to learn because it utilizes the Digital Crown and tapping for intuitive gameplay.

Bubble Wars game for Apple Watch

5. Text a Fictional Character: KOMRAD ($1.99)

Communicate via text with a 1985 Soviet Artificial Intelligence that doesn’t know that the Cold War is over. Casually talk to an A.I. that may be connected to the world’s second-largest nuclear arsenal. You will have to pick between various responses and see where the game takes you. Do you keep up the ruse or try to convince the A.I. that they’ve spent 30 years training for nothing? Only you can decide and will bear the consequences.

KOMRAD interactive game for Apple Watch

6. Stack Cards: Solitaire (Free)

If you are looking for good apps for your Apple Watch, look no further! Although I recommend that you check out the rest of this Apple Watch games list, I feel like this Solitaire game is one of the best. It is straightforward to play, and I can see myself spending hours trying to win. Almost all 1,900 people who downloaded this game love it. This is reflected in the stellar rating in the App Store.

Solitaire game for Apple Watch

7. Fly Through Obstacles: Jellyfish Tap (Free)

Jellyfish Tap is like a more challenging version of Flappy Bird. You have to tap to jump and stay afloat while avoiding hitting the top, bottom, or the other barriers. Personally, I find this game quite difficult, but the low world record makes it tempting to keep trying! The cute but clean design makes playing even better, even if you keep failing.

Jellyfish Tap game for Apple Watch.

8. Race Cars: Arcadia - Arcade Watch Games ($1.99)

Arcadia is one of those must-have Apple Watch apps if you enjoy arcade games. It offers a great collection of 18 arcade games that you can play on your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. One of these games is fast run, where you control a car with the Digital Crown and try to avoid hitting trees or other vehicles on the road. I love that it comes with old-school music for a more authentic experience. Other games in Arcadia include Crazy Balloon, PongPong, and more.

Arcadia, a car racing game on Apple Watch

9. Tough Questions Answered: Magic 8 Bit 8 Ball (Free)

This simple app imitates the childhood favorite, the Magic 8 ball!  Will it rain tomorrow? Do they like me? Should I eat more ice cream? Let the Magic 8 bit 8 ball make some tough decisions for you. I consider this one of the best free game apps for your Apple Watch because it is highly addictive and has all the original Magic 8 ball answers. 

Disclaimer: This app cannot actually predict your future. Also, AppleCare might not cover damage that occurs due to angrily smashing your watch if the Magic 8 ball disappoints you one too many times.

Magic 8 Bit 8 Ball game for Apple Watch

10. Relieve Your Stress: Pop (Free)

Pop all your stress away with a bubble wrap simulator on your wrist. Not only does this free game let you pop bubbles, but it encourages you to do it as quickly as you can within a short amount of time. If the popping itself wasn’t enjoyable enough, imagine beating all your friends and family by popping the most bubbles fastest! Although the pop sound isn’t as satisfying as the real thing, this game is a fun way to get out of your head.

Pop game for Apple Watch

11. Run Laps by Tapping: Laps! (Free)

Often compared to flappy birds, but with less aggressive tapping, this game turns your screen every time you tap. Each 90-degree turn keeps you from crashing into the wall. Don’t get too comfortable; every five laps, the direction will change! It gets faster and more challenging to keep you on your (tappy) toes. A recent update removed ads that took away from gameplay. 

Run Laps game for Apple Watch

12. Achieve Quadruple Jump: Checkers (Free)

Channel your inner NYC grandpa with Checkers app. Instead of playing in Central Park, play anytime, anywhere. My favorite thing about this app is that your progress auto-saves, so you can continue your game an hour, week, or month after you start. Hone your strategy and celebrate beating the ruthless opponent that is your Apple Watch.

Checkers game for Apple Watch

13. Capture the King: Chess (Free)

Chess prodigy Elizabeth Harmon had to use her imagination to project a chessboard onto the ceiling to practice in the Netflix miniseries The Queen's Gambit. In 2021, we have the chance to do it right on our wrists. You can play a computer on your iPhone, but on an Apple Watch, you need a live opponent. Just tap New Game, which creates a challenge, and then you wait until someone else in the world wants to play. My personal goal is to learn and use the queen’s gambit move in this free Apple Watch game!

Chess game for Apple Watch

14. Try Your Luck: FruitPot (Free)

Slot machines are not unique to Las Vegas; you can enjoy the thrill from anywhere on your Apple Watch display. Try your luck for free and use your 100 chips to win the big bucks! Full disclosure, you cannot win real money with FruitPot. But you can satiate your taste for gambling in this 50 percent skill and 50 percent luck slot machine simulator. Play for the chance to unlock new games and win prizes.

Slot machine game for Apple Watch

15. Never Walk Alone: Pocket Plants (Free)

Pocket Plants is not your typical evolution game. Evolve your plant companion not by tapping to feed, water, and love it. Instead, you need to walk and earn steps to grow your plant and, in turn, get healthier! Use your real life energy to take care of magical virtual plants and explore the unique landscapes of Fitland. You can even collect them all, Pokemon Go style, and mix and match different species to evolve brand new ones.

Pocket Plant game for Apple Watch

16. Play 2048: Games for Watch (Free App, $0.99 Games)

One of my favorite mindless games to play on a commute or to calm my mind during a break is 2048. The concept is simple; there is a grid with a certain amount of space. When you swipe, all numbers move in that direction. The matching number blocks will merge into a larger number. It sounds confusing but is easy to grasp once you start! There are other games, including Minesweeper, Whack-a-Bug, and others to pick from, but you have to pay $0.99 per game. 

2048 game on Apple Watch

17. Get Brainy: Trivia Crack (Free)

Trivia fans rejoice! Willy the cartoon spinning wheel is no Alex Trebek, but he will keep you racking your brain. Learn something new while having fun in this ridiculously well-designed game for your Apple Watch. Trivia Crack is one of the best Apple Watch games because of the superior graphics and glitch-free gameplay.

Trivia game for Apple Watch

18. Get a New Pet: Watch Pet (Free)

Want a new pet, but your landlord disapproves? Get one on your Apple Watch! Pick between cats, dogs, and a beta fish, and start loving on your virtual fur (or fin) baby. With colorful graphics and easy-to-use controls Watch Pet might be your new favorite game. They say that pets have a positive impact on our bodies and brains. Watch Pet makes no promises of dopamine, but it will brighten up your day with a fluffy corgi butt or other animal of your choice.

Pet game for Apple Watch

19. Uncover Secrets: Truth or Dare!! (Free)

Play Truth or Dare with your friends, but let your Apple Watch determine the questions and dares. Avoid bias and using people’s deepest darkest secrets against them. Please note that there are a few questions and dares that make this game inappropriate for children. Otherwise, this is a great game and can be a fun (if not awkward) ice breaker in an informal setting.

Truth or date Apple Watch game

20. Test Your Brain: ColorSwitch! (Free)

ColorSwitch uses psychology to entertain us and test our brains. The Stroop Effect is a psychological phenomenon where the name of a color is spelled out in a different color. In this game, you will be timed to see how quickly you can tap the right color that is spelled rather than shown. This hilariously frustrating game is a lot of fun and shines light on your brains' intricacies.

Color Switch game for Apple Watch

21. Drive With Accuracy - Touch Round (Free)

Touch Round is a car driving game that does not involve racing. Pick your track and customize your vehicle to race the clock as you navigate the twists and turns. Use the Digital Crown to turn and complete the circuit as quickly as you can without straying from the road. Warning: this surprisingly challenging game may give you road rage off-road.

Car driving game for Apple Watch

22. Bowl a Strike: Vegas Bowling Lite (Free)

Bowling is a popular pastime, and it’s almost as fun to play online as it is at your local bowling alley. While the app itself needs some work and some users complain about the lack of guidance, I still found the game enjoyable. It’s not too hard to learn from trial and error, or maybe I’m just an Apple Watch bowling prodigy?

Bowling game for Apple Watch

23. Relax: Jellyfish Heaven - Relax Time (Free)

Many people keep fish as a pet because watching them swim around is soothing. Jellyfish Heaven features jellies of different colors, sizes, and species that you can look at on your Apple Watch display. All you can do on the Apple Watch app is tap to change the jellyfish, and you see the time. It’s not so much a game as a screensaver, but it brings me joy, so I decided to include it on this list of must-have Apple Watch apps.

Jellyfish Tap game on Apple Watch

24. Adopt a Virtual Baby: Baby Adopter (Free)

Fill your breaks with the infectious laughter of a baby! Baby Adopter lets you adopt a child from a list of kids of different ages, genders, and races. You can take care of your baby on your iPhone, but keep an eye on how they’re doing directly on your watch. You can feed it, buy it clothes, and give it medicine when it’s sick. Other aspects of the game involve setting up the baby’s room, exploring the rest of the home, and an extra egg hunt game.

Adopt a baby game on Apple Watch

25. Tamagotchi-Inspired Virtual Pet: Watchi (Free)

Last but not least is Watchi, offering some major nostalgia free of charge. The app's pixelated look and basic feel on your Apple Watch make it as adorable as the original Tamagotchi. The phone version is more colorful and complex, although the same pets will live on your phone and watch. Unfortunately, I have trouble with the Apple Watch game as I can't see the entire screen but only a top sliver of the buttons. I can still click them, but I'm hoping that an update will fix this issue.

Virtual pet game on Apple Watch

How to Get Games on Your Apple Watch

Download games on your Apple Watch, the way you would install an app. You can find them directly on your watch in the App Store, or you can use your iPhone.

  1. On your Apple Watch, open the App Store.

    On your Apple Watch, open the App Store.
  2. Search for a specific game or ‘Apple Watch games.’

    Search for a specific game or ‘Apple Watch games.’
  3. Tap GET.

    Tap GET to download an Apple Watch game.
  4. Double tap the Side button.

    Double tap the Side button to download the app.
  5. Depending on your security settings, you may need to use your Apple ID to confirm the free download or purchase.

Are Apple Watch games free? Yes and no! There are many free games to play on an Apple Watch. Just like other apps, some may have a one-time-fee or in-app purchases. It is not difficult to find good games in the App Store. It is full of great options, including free Apple games for your watch. When people ask, “Can you play games on an Apple Watch?” I bet they don’t expect to see such a variety of fun Apple games. There are retro games, trivia games, racing games, and even multiplayer games. Apple Watch games offer something for everyone! If you want to try more complicated games, did you know you can use an Xbox controller to play games on your iPhone? If games are not your thing, check out these Van Gogh themed apps!

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