iNZeyo Basecamp: Charging Station for Your Apple Watch & iPhone

I'm always on the lookout for the best gadgets to charge my other gadgets. When I saw the Basecamp Charging Station ($69.00) from iNZeyo Labs, I had to try it out in person. It's called the Basecamp but probably should be called the Kitchen Sink. It does just about everything you need when it comes to charging.


First, it's meant to house and charge the Apple Watch and it does a great job of that. The watch face is positioned at the proper angle so it can stay on the magnetic charger (which you provide) and you can still interact with it. What sets the Basecamp apart from the rest of the crowd is that it also can charge your iPhone, iPad, or non-Apple gadget thanks to integrated cord management and a spare USB port.

There's even a built-in night light that glows beneath the Apple Watch. It's a nice touch and something I haven't seen before. The zinc alloy construction provides heft so the Basecamp stays put while you plug and unplug devices. Normally $99, it's available for $69, which is a bargain for something that charges three devices and includes a night light.

Basecamp Basecamp  Basecamp

In order to power everything, USB isn't enough, so it comes with a "wall wart" transformer brick with a long cable. This is probably fine for nightstand use, but if you want to connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac for data transfer, you'll need a separate Lightning cable or a different dock. Some of the fittings attach using one-time sticky tape so it's not the most reusable thing. You will want to decide what items you will charge with the Basecamp (iPad, iPhone, etc.) before you settle on the adhesive fittings. The orientation of the Apple Watch also prevents the use of Apple's Nightstand mode, but that only activates for a few seconds anyway.


  • Reasonably priced for all that it offers
  • Charge Apple Watch, iOS device, and a third gadget
  • Compact, hefty design
  • Integrated night light
  • Cable management


  • Adapters semi-permanently attached
  • Does not accommodate Apple Watch Nightstand Mode

Final Verdict

If you need to charge an Apple Watch, and a smartphone, and perhaps a tablet, the Bascamp Charging Station from iNZeyo Labs does all of the above, plus adds a night light, while looking stylish too.


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