5 Best Gratitude Apps to Help You Practice Daily Mindfulness

I don't know who needs to hear this, but it’s OK to slow down. Whether you have a case of the winter blues or need a reminder that everything is going to be all right, a digital gratitude journal may be for you. Take some time out of your schedule to appreciate the little things in life: a friendly stranger saying hello or someone paying it forward at your favorite coffee shop. Getting in the routine of writing your own affirmations can prove to be game-changing for your mental health.

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Ahead, you’ll find five gratitude apps to download the next time you’re feeling anxious or want to track your mood. With daily prompts nudging you in the right direction, you’ll never have to worry about staring at a dreaded blank page.

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Grateful: A Gratitude Journal (Free)

Go ahead and count your lucky stars with Grateful, a happy little journaling app. Start your day off right by answering one of the auto-generated prompts or writing one of your own. Simply hover over the plus sign on the landing page to pull up a prompt (everything from “What made you smile today?” to “What are you looking forward to?”). You can select the prompt, skip it, or write a prompt of your own. The best part? Your journal entries can be as verbose or succinct as you want, so there’s no pressure to write a novel when one word or a sentence will suffice. You can even add a photo if there’s a special memory that you want to include. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate (browsing past entries is a breeze!). Initially, you get 15 journal entries for free or you can take advantage of the one-time upgrade ($4.99) for unlimited entries and the option to back up your timeline to Dropbox or iCloud.

Happyfeed: Gratitude Journal (Free)

Boost your daily happiness with Happyfeed, a gratitude journal geared toward the social media-savvy generation. To record your entries, tap the emoji face in the bottom left corner to get started. You can press the plus sign to add your first reflection or hover over Hint for a bit of direction. Remember, no moment is too small. For more social interaction, join Pods to help you share special moments among friends. If you’re looking to make journaling a daily habit, the app will keep track of your happiness streaks— take it a step further by selecting an emoji to tag your best days. The colorful mood-enhancing features and pun-filled daily reminders are sure to brighten your day. Bonus: Share individual moments on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. To do so, simply select your moment and tap the paper airplane icon. If you download Happyfeed and find that you want more, the Plus subscription offers up to 10 moments per day in addition to a built-in calendar and unlimited editing.

Jour: Journal for Mindfulness (Free)

For moments when you really need to get something off your chest, Jour is here to help you practice mindfulness with a daily mood check-in. The app will jumpstart your day by asking, “Good morning! How are you feeling?” From there, you pick a word that best describes how you feel (happy, hopeful, inspired, etc.) and which activities are impacting your mood. Not only will Jour get you into the habit of writing every day, but the process of understanding your emotions will be beneficial for your overall mental health. Along with a log of your daily entries, you’ll find guided journals and breathing exercises in categories including stress & anxiety, relationships, and work. For Jour’s full library and personalized insights, you’ll need premium access ($5/month)—but don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of all the free features. Think of Jour as a personal therapist at your fingertips. One daily journal entry at a time, this app sets out to make you feel better through personal reflection.

Reflect-Guided Daily Journal (Free)

Sometimes we all need to check in with ourselves. Understand yourself a little better with Reflect, a guided daily journal that allows deep, soul-searching reflection. If you often go to bed with a heavy heart or wake up feeling stressed, then this contemplative app will help you to work through those feelings. While some prompts encourage you to be more present by taking in your surroundings, other topics to explore include mindfulness, self-kindness, and self-mastery. Over time, you’ll be trained to embrace a more positive “glass-halffull” mentality. This app’s clean interface and detailed illustrations make journaling less intimidating. As you fill out the sections, be as honest as possible so you can take note of the things bringing you down or lifting you up.

Journey (Free)

Get writing with Journey, an open-ended digital journal that goes beyond a daily gratitude list. With a motivational coach and happiness guru guiding you every step of the way, this app will help you manage stress, develop better habits, and promote happiness. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to journaling or have been doing it for years, this app is the perfect place to conjure those positive vibes. The savvy-looking interface and relatable coaching programs will inspire you to critically think about your life and put a stop to negative self-talk. You’re bound to find a coaching program that piques your interest. In addition to logging journal entries, you’ll notice a mood chart that tracks your emotions over time. You’ll be able to attach photos, tag locations, record the weather, and share your #MOTD (mood of the day). Stick with it and the result will be a happier mind and more grateful heart.

By incorporating one of these gratitude apps into your daily routine, you’ll reap the benefits of a more mindful life. Pro tip: Hold yourself accountable by signing up for daily reminders or push notifications. You can also sign up for our Daily Tips to keep on top of how to use apps like this. Perhaps the best part will be looking back at your progress to see how far you’ve come.

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