Best Wellness Apps: Recipes, Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Brain Games & More

Our iPhones help us to keep organized, on time, and more productive than ever before, but they can also help us be more physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. There's an app out there for just about everything, and that includes meditation and mindfulness apps, anxiety relief, relaxation, and anti-anxiety apps, memory improvement and brain game apps, and of course, yoga, exercise, fitness, and healthy food and recipe apps. Here's our latest roundup of the best iPhone and iPad apps to help you be the most fit, relaxed, and calm that you can be. Some of these are free, some you'll need to pay for, but all of them are worth a try; enjoy!  

      Mental Health Apps

      Headspace (Free, in-app purchases begin at $12.99/month)

      meditation apps

      Headspace makes meditation easy by offering hundreds of guided meditations on subjects like stress, sleep, exercise, and focus. There are even mini sessions for when you’re experiencing anxiety.

      Brighten (Free)

      positive thinking app

      Finally, a social app with positivity at its core. On Brighten, you can send compliments anonymously and read compliments shared by friends in your newsfeed.

      Happify (Free, in-app purchases begin at $14.99/month)

      anxiety relief games

      This app helps you focus on the positive. In easy short segments, you’ll learn how to deal with common feelings like stress, depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

      Peak (Free, in-app purchases begin at $3.99/month)

      brain games for adults

      Peak boasts over 40 games developed by neuroscientists and gaming experts that challenge your cognitive skills. It’s a fun, easy-to-use personal trainer for your brain.

      Glow Ovulation, Period Tracker (Free, in-app purchases begin at $7.99/month)

      ovulation calculator free

      This app goes above and beyond just tracking your fertility and ovulation. It also records your moods, symptoms, medications, and syncs with your Apple Health account.

      Recipe Apps

      Tasty (Free)

      recipe app

      Tasty features recipes accompanied by step-by-step video instructions. It’s great for every diet, with filters ranging from vegetarian, to gluten-free, to low carb, to comfort food.

      Exercise Apps

      Pocket Yoga ($2.99)

      best yoga app

      Enjoy yoga from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. This app features 27 different sessions of varying lengths and offers a dictionary of each pose with detailed explanations.

      Nike+ Run Club (Free)

      exercise tracker free app

      Nike + Run Club is your perfect running partner, offering GPS tracking and audio guided workouts. The weekly and monthly distance challenges keep you challenged and motivated.

      7 Minute Workout Challenge ($3.99)

      best workout apps iphone

      This app provides high-intensity training with 7-minute workouts you can do pretty much anywhere to boost your daily metabolism.

      Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor (Free)

      pulse app

      This app tracks your heart rate and stress levels when you place the tip of your index finger on your iPhone’s camera. It can show you every heartbeat with a real-time chart.

      Cool Product

      Jabra Elite Sport ($219.99)

      best workout headphones

      These earbuds are waterproof, durable, and come with a three-year warranty against sweat damage. When running outdoors, use the Hear Through setting to filter in surrounding sounds while playing your favorite tunes.

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