Game Centered Retro-Edition: 5 Classic iOS Games I Can't Quit Playing!

Game Centered Retro-Edition: 5 Classic iOS Games I Can Not Quit Playing!

I love video games, which is convenient since I play a lot of them as I research my Game Centered column. Typically Game Centered focuses on breaking iOS-related game news and new releases, but in this special edition I'm going retro, with a Top 5 roundup of some of my old favorite iOS games. The following are enduring classics which still occupy precious space on my iDevices, and in my gamer’s heart.

I don't get to play video games nearly as much as I'd like to, and when I do, I'm most often focused on reviewing the latest debuts. Nonetheless, I still have a handful of relative oldies on my iOS devices that I sure do look forward to playing whenever time allows. Of course, I have more than five older games on my iDevices; but when I look through all of my games that are over a year or two old, these are the ones that stood out, the ones that have seen the most consistent game time. Without further adieu, my Top 5 list of classic iOS games, and a little bit about why I still adore them to this day.


Infinity Blade III ($6.99)

Game Centered Retro-Edition: 5 Classic iOS Games I Can Not Quit Playing!

The most recent release in this round up, the epic hack ’n’ slash brawler Infinity Blade III, is supposedly the culmination of the sprawling and epic Infinity Blade saga, which has spawned two books as well as three video games. In the Infinity Blade universe we experience a post-modern dystopian society tormented by the reign of "Deathless" demigods, and play as the hero who stands to save the planet and the remnants of humanity. Why do I call Infinity Blade III the "supposed" conclusion to the Infinity Blade saga? Well, it's hard for me to imagine Epic Games, the producers of the Infinity Blade series, just walking away from one of the most profitable and critically acclaimed iOS-only video game franchises. Despite the fact that the ill-fated prequel: Infinity Blade: Dungeons never saw the light of day, I smell a prequel all the same, and I wouldn't be surprised if we haven't heard the last of the saga of the Deathless.


Real Racing 2 ($4.99)

Game Centered Retro-Edition: 5 Classic iOS Games I Can Not Quit Playing!

I tried Real Racing 3; and I loved the graphics, the racing, and the time-shifted racing element. But I didn't care for the unethical freemium gameplay model. So when I want to get my fix of the most realistic racing on iOS I gladly turn to the equally adrenaline-fueled Real Racing 2. With the same amazing graphics, thrilling gameplay, and authentic racing elements as Real Racing 3, Real Racing 2 is even more fun than its sequel. Especially since it doesn't rely on a pay-to-play/wait-to-play approach, intended to pry real world dollars from your pocket.


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ($6.99)

Game Centered Retro-Edition: 5 Classic iOS Games I Can Not Quit Playing!

I'm so ready for the next installment in Gameloft’s console-quality Modern Combat series! The previews and glimpses of the soon-to-be-released Modern Combat 5: Blackout, are jaw dropping, and I'm pretty confident in saying it looks like it will be the best Modern Combat installment yet. My anticipation for the new chapter hasn't diminished my enthusiasm for the current installment though, and Modern Combat 4 still holds a privileged 1.5GB spot on my iPad. I've played this game extensively, both in single-player as well as multi-player modes, and not only have I become a better marksman for it, but it's also always a rush and a thrill. That said, I can't wait to take Zero Hour off of my iPad to free up space for Modern Combat 5: Blackout, which is due out in the near future, possibly even as soon as next month.


Words With Friends (Free with in-app purchases)

Game Centered Retro-Edition: 5 Classic iOS Games I Can Not Quit Playing!     Game Centered Retro-Edition: 5 Classic iOS Games I Can Not Quit Playing!

I've played this addictive Scrabble-like word game regularly since it hit the App Store. I consider it akin to the old days when I used to get old-fashioned, physical newspapers delivered and would spend time daily doing crossword puzzles. I don't play long on any given day, but I do average about 15–20 minutes a day with this App Store classic, as I usually have around 10 games going at a time.


Angry Birds: Rio (Free with in-app purchases)

Game Centered Retro-Edition: 5 Classic iOS Games I Can Not Quit Playing!

Perfect for those times when I have only a few minutes to spend, there's the national sensation Angry Birds: Rio. I've always enjoyed the Billiards-esque strategizing involved in this popular physics puzzler. Out of all the Angry Birds games, I'll take battling cute monkeys in the tropics over creepy pigs or science fiction caricatures any day, plus I love the spicy Caribbean soundtrack.


Stay tuned to iPhone Life and we’ll keep you updated on all the latest in the ever-changing, exciting world of iOS gaming! As a little bonus, HERE'S the trailer for the upcoming iOS game, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It looks great!

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