Review: Adventure Ready with HitCase Pro+ & HitCase Snap

Hitcase caught my attention being touted as the GoPro killer. The HitCase Pro+ ($149.99) offers loads of protection for everything from drops to being completely waterproof. The HitCase Snap ($79.99) offers back and edge protection and is much easier to snap on and off. Both cases come with a wide lens and the company sells other lens options for both cases. Here’s my review after using each case.

Immediately upon unpackaging, I was impressed by how many accessories come with the case. Both cases include a selfie stick with mount for attaching the cased phone as well as lens covers for the included lens.

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First, I gave the HitCase Pro a try. The Pro include a small ‘coin’ used to open the case with a twist. After you pop the corner pieces out, you need to twist the coin to snap open the case. The iPhone fits wonderfully snug. Then, you make sure to snap it completely shut all the way around to make the item truly waterproof (up to 33ft). The HitCase Pro+ edition comes with a super wide lens. I was able to take some beautiful pictures while remaining entirely unconcerned for the safety of my device. Honestly, I’ve barely skirted the surface of how well this thing could protect my iPhone. I simply haven’t been in the extreme situations to properly throw it around, but between my clumsy drops and handling during a snowstorm, I’m confident in taking it on my summer travels.

The screen cover makes touch-sensitivity slightly less responsive, but not irritatingly so. I would  take my iPhone whitewater rafting in this case, so long as it were attached to my person. I love the mountable hinge; I can see myself taking gorgeous wide landscape shots.

Next, the HitCase Snap is for the everyday adventurer. This case isn’t waterproof. There’s no screen cover, so the touch screen isn’t affected by the case at all. It’s slightly difficult to put on and remove but fits fantastically when on. The back is sturdy and has rubber bumper edges for premium protection. The HitCase Snap offers more versatility than the Pro; together, they make the perfect pair depending on the adventure of the day. The snap also has a side mount and includes a selfie stick. The Snap comes with a wide lens which works wonderfully as with the Pro.


HitCase Pro+

  • Shockproof, Waterproof up to 33ft

  • Access to all ports

  • Shockwave Audio for sound clarity

  • Super Wide Lens; interchangeable

  • Mountable

  • Screen cover affects touch-screen responsiveness slightly (adjust your settings if needed).

  • Hard to open

HitCase Snap

  • Compact, premium protection

  • Interchangeable Wide Lens

  • Mountable and versatile

  • Tough to remove iPhone

Final Verdict:

The HitCase Snap is the more compact option, but the HitCase Pro+ can handle some serious adventure. Both HitCases are fantastic products, and which one you prefer is dependent upon your lifestyle. I would highly recommend either.


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