Listen to Music with a Doctor-Who-Inspired Bluetooth Speaker

Some speakers create out of this world sound. Some are out of this world. Some, like Massive Audio’s BBC-Licensed TARDIS Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($119) are both.

Last week this speaker materialized on my desk and its been fun to listen to music in an entirely new way. This isn’t a cheap gimmick speaker. Massive Audio is a legit maker of home and automobile audio technology. But that doesn’t mean the company doesn't get to have fun. At CES in January it launched these speakers at its booth accompanied by a remote-controlled Dalek.

Turning on the speaker generates a materialization sound and the blue Police Box light flashes atop the 8.53" H x 4.35” W x 4.35” D TARDIS. When paired, the Police Public Call Box sign illuminates on all four sides. Other sound effects associated with functions like pairing and connecting include Dematerialize, Cloister Bell, Flight, and Turbulence.

The sound is excellent. Because Massive knows its sound engineering it has included dual speakers with precision tuned ported enclosure, developed a ported speaker chamber that sound and enhances the bass response, while a phase cone disperses audio in 360 degrees through TARDIS windows.

But this TARDIS doesn’t stop at playback. What would a Police Public Call Box be without a phone. Yes, the TARDIS includes a built-in, omni-directional microphone for phone calls that features noise cancelation. If you happen to have the numbers for The Doctor or Clara, you can ring them up right from this TARDIS.

The multifunctional interface includes controls for volume, play, pause, skip ahead and back, and answer the phone. The power switch and inputs are on the back on the TARDIS.

Like all Bluetooth speakers, this TARDIS remains connected up to 100 feet from the audio source. The USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery is reported to run for up to 10 hours. An auxiliary input supports non-Bluetooth audio sources. Purchase a second TARDIS, or a Dalek speaker (yes, Massive also make a Dalek speaker) they can be chained together to create true separated stereo.

Features can be added via optional downloads, though unfortunately for Mac users, they require a PC running windows to install. 

If you are looking for a gift for a Doctor Who fan, this TARDIS Bluetooth Speaker is way more practical than a toy Sonic Screwdriver, or even an extra long scarf (yes, I’m dating myself). At over 8.5 inches tall, it make an impressive feature on any desk — so if you buy a TARDIS Bluetooth Speaker as gift and it never makes it past the wrapping table, your fellow Whovians will understand.



Dan at CES with the Massive Audio Remote Controlled "Audio" Dalek




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