Check Out Philo: The iPhone Case Company with an Italian Heart

I am always on the lookout for awesome cases. Like buying a new pair of shoes or a purse I think is cute, getting a new iPhone case adds a personalized touch I enjoy. So when Philo design, based in Italy, contacted me about trying out its cases, I was more than happy to oblige. Each case is different but Philo’s Patch Case ($) with velcro back and numerous letters for customization is my clear favorite. Let’s take a look at each one.

Philo currently has two collections: Color and Patch. We’ll start with the Color collection. Philo is all about color, color, color so these babies are bright and neon. It’s available in green, orange, pink, yellow, white, and black. Each color has three different styles of the case to choose from.

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Snap Case 

This case is made of hard plastic and provides scratch protection for your phone. It’s also designed to make gripping your phone easier and less slippery. The one I received is green, and the Snap Case is translucent. It’s super easy to pop on your phone and adds literally no bulk to the phone what-so-ever, and you can see the Apple logo through the back. However, it is super difficult to remove, and ironically, I scratched the back of my phone getting it off.



This one is also translucent, but it’s super flexible too. It’s a soft, shockproof case although I wouldn’t trust it with a hard-hitting drop. It’s made of TPU material which is a mix of plastic and silicone. This one I like; it pops on and off really easily, does a great job of making my phone anti-slip and adds a punch of color whilst showing through to my phone. All buttons are easy to access as well.



Of the Color collection, this one is my favorite. The back of the case is completely clear, offering protection without hiding your phone at all. While the edges are a slightly more muted green creating a protective bumper around the phone. I think this one looks the nicest as well with it’s exposed back, highlighted by the pop of color - it looks protected but professional with a dash of personality. It wasn’t difficult to remove either, and like the rest, it provided access to all buttons.



The Patch is last but certainly not least. I adore this one. It’s a plain, black case with a solid bumper to protect the phone. The fun is on the back where you have a velcro surface. Along with the case comes a bundle of velcro letters you can attach to spell out whatever you want. There are also expansion packs you can order to get numbers and emojis as well. I love the combo of letter and emojis on mine. I used to own a shirt that allowed you to change what it said with velcro letters, so this was a welcome moment of nostalgia. Plus, with the election season in full swing, I can promote my favorite candidate on the back and remind everyone to vote. This one is just a lot of fun, and the possibilities are fairly endless. Button access isn’t quite good as with the other cases, but all you need is a slightly firmer press. It slips on easy and comes off easy as well.

Overall, Philo’s designs are minimalist with a touch of personalization. I haven’t seen many iPhone cases with bright pops of color, and I really appreciate Philo filling the gap in that market. The Patch case with its velcro is an old classic brought back for our new modern devices, and it works so well here.


  • Awesome designs

  • Bright, neon colors

  • Fun

  • Great customization with the Patch case


  • Snap case is hard to remove

Final Verdict:

Philo makes elegant products that really pop, and there’s a style of case to suite multiple personalities and desires. The Patch case is by far my favorite, and I hope to see more awesome products like it from Philo in the future.


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