Review: Notti and Dotti smart lights

Have you ever thought of using a smart light? Witti sent me its Dotti and Notti smart lights to test out, and they provide an interesting iPhone experience, allowing users to connect via Bluetooth to apps that control the units.

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Notti ($59.99) is a small light on which the users can choose which color the light is, as well as set it to change colors automatically. Through the app, the user can change the brightness setting (for only some color options), set up notification colors, set an alarm, or play music. 

The music setting plays a rainbow of colors to the rhythm of whatever music you’re playing. The alarm setting turns on Notti (on which ever color you choose),and the app plays a sound to wake you up.

The notification setting is perfect for those who aren’t on their phone all the time. When you get a notification, Notti flashes a certain color. Apple apps like messages, phone calls, mail, and calendar are supported, as well as other third-party apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. 

However, the Notti does have some negatives. Firstly, the notification light flashes don’t stop when your phone is on Do Not Disturb mode. So, when I was sleeping and received a text message, the bright green light flashed and woke me up. Secondly, when broadcasting notification light, the Notti flashes seemingly forever. My roommate and I stopped counting after five minutes of the lights flashing. It would be better if Notti just turned the color of the notification color instead of flashing incessantly. Building on this, users can’t turn down the light brightness for notifications, so it is really bright. 

I talked to Witti about my concerns. They are planning an app update that will allow the user to turn off notifications temporarily for sleeping, for example. They are also planning to provide a change in the blinking the next firmware/product update will allow the user to choose blinking, timed blinking, or continual light for notifications.

The app interface for Dotti ($79.99), Notti’s smaller and pixelated brother, is similar. Users can choose a mode (which users can switch by swiping their finger across the top of the Dotti light unit). It features notifications, a dice game, a music player, a design-it-yourself screen, a clock, a “D” illustration, moving character animations, and a battery indicator.

For the design-it-yourself screen, you can build your own drawing from the app. Just select the colors you want to make the drawing. 

Dotti has some of the same problems as Nottiyou can’t turn down the brightness, it wakes me up with the flashing light in the middle of the night, and the notification light flashes forever. Also, the clock is a little difficult to read, but is easier as you get farther away.

Notti Pros

  • The light is beautiful, and you can pick your own color. It doesn’t give off quite enough light to read, but it could function as a night light in a hallway or in a room where you don’t need much light.

  • It’s easy to turn the light off if it is indeed flashing a lot. Just press the button on the front.

  • It is designed beautifully The mountain shape is smaller than I thought it would be from the packaging, but it's a perfect size to keep on your night stand.

Notti Cons

  • As I mentioned earlier, the light flashes forever (which Witti is going to fix in an update). 

  • The light wakes me up on Do Not Disturb setting, which I use when I sleep.

Dotti Pros

  • The music visualizer is really cool! But of course, the music comes our of your phone or Bluetooth speaker, so you have to have another device to broadcast music.

  • Drawing your own design is addicting!

Dotti Cons

  • The light flashes forever, as with Notti.

  • The clock is hard to read unless you’re far away.

Final Verdict

Overall, the idea Witti has is a good one—and who doesn’t like colorful accessories for their iPhone? There are some changes to be made, which will happen soon (date TBA), but overall, the product is great as a smart light!

iPhone Life Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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