CES 2015: GreenIQ Offers Nest-Like Capability for Your Garden!

You could do it the old way, of course. Water and monitor your garden and lawn health manually. You may also waste a lot of water, and potentially kill your newly planted hydrangeas in the process. GreenIQ ($249) purports to take some of the guesswork and dilemma out of the proper care and feeding of your outdoor environment by monitoring the weather and adjusting your irrigation to optimal levels while you get to sit back on the porch and enjoy your garden.

GreenIQ is a weatherproof wireless hub that can integrate with other sensors installed in any outdoors area you wish to monitor—a number of third-party sensors like the Parrot Flower Power BT sensor are supported. Though there is a nifty mobile app you can use to manage your garden and lawn irrigation system, you are not compelled to do so, as a cloud-connected web app will run from any browser as well. The GreenIQ API is also an open API, allowing other third-party vendors to integrate with it.

Probably the coolest feature is the automated way the system can wirelessly collect observational and forecasted weather data to calculate evapotranspiration (measurement of how much water is actually evaporating into the atmosphere). The GreenIQ hub uses this data to adjust how much water your plants receive to assure an efficient watering schedule. Cloudy or rainy days should require little or no irrigation versus sunny hot days needing more.

Obviously, you need an irrigation system to tie into, and you need the various sensors to get a full picture of your garden requirements. On the other hand, insufficient care and feeding of your plants will cost in terms of time and expense anyway (not to mention a larger water bill). You can learn more about this amazing smart garden CES technology at the link provided in the opener.

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