Must-Have Travel Accessories for Your iPad and iPhone from Moshi

Must-Have Travel Accessories for Your iPad and iPhone from Moshi

Every once in a while, a brand comes along that seems to have an entire line of quality products that is perfect for a variety of lifestyles. Moshi is that brand right now. Whether you're a budget traveler or a business traveler, there's something for you in this guide of must-have travel accessories for the iPhone and iPad. 

Venturo Messenger Bag ($119.95)

Venturo Laptop Backpack

The Venturo is a backpack and crossbody messenger bag all in one and is one of the best iPad carrying cases out there. You can store everything you need throughout the day, plus your laptop (up to 15 inches). There are designated areas for electronic cords, an iPad, notebooks, and all your other traveling necessities. This bag was constructed to be lightweight and weather resistant as well—perfect for the winter months. I really like the secure pockets strategically placed in the back of the bag for things that you want to keep safe, such as your wallet, ID, or passport. A messenger bag is a great way to carry around everything you need and perfect for guys or girls too. 

Mythro Earbuds ($29.95)

Myrtho Earbuds

The Mythro earbuds are the best in-ear earphones for the traveler who is on a budget. With a different style depending on your device, these headphones are described as having minimalist aesthetics. The sound of your music is clear and crisp, and allows every other noise to be tuned out. Say goodbye to earbuds that constantly fall out of your ears; the Mythros allow you to indulge in comfortable listening for hours. You can easily answer calls through the integrated microphone. Not only do I love the ergonomics of these earbuds, but I love the price, too. The design of the Mythros even brings out the bass of every song you listen to, creating an optimal listening experience for your secret rap playlist. Cable management included. 

Clarus Headphones ($199.95)

Clarus Headphones

Designed for the business traveler who wants an optimal audio experience, the Clarus earbuds are sleek and made for all iPhone, iPod, and iPad models. These headphones are anything but ordinary with their top-notch drivers to help create a perfect listening experience time after time. These headphones deliver the clearest listening experience you will ever come across. It's tough to find a comfortable pair of earbuds—sometimes even when multiple sizes are included. Clarus headphones are in-ear, meaning they rest atop your ear canals instead of inside them, avoiding ear pain. Even for the busy travelers who are in a rush, the soft silicone ear hooks fit comfortably over your ears to provide stability when on the move. These earbuds also supply a microphone for calls on the go. The built-in microphone was made with steel alloy construction to ensure complete clarity for sound, speech, and music. I hate when earphone cords get tangled upon placing them in your bag. With the Clarus headphones, this is sure to never happen again to you due to the slim, sleek carrying case they come with! With a long cable length of 3.9 feet, this is imperative for keeping your headphones in top shape.

Overture Wallet Case ($44.95) 

Overture Wallet Case

I often change cases on my iPhone when traveling, and the Overture Moshi phone case is a great example of why. Overture is a sleek two-in-one carrying case, perfect for nearly every traveler on your shopping list. This folio-style wallet is able to store cash, credit cards, ID, and an iPhone leaving no hassle when going through security. This extremely well-designed wallet is weather proof and durable, while still looking elegant. It’s available for the iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, and iPhone 5/5s in titanium, beige, and black. After having tried several wallet iPhone cases in the past, it has never been so easy to actually use my iPhone while storing it, as it is with the Overture. All iPhone buttons and the cameras are fully accessible when stored. The best part about this case is that you can flip the Overture case open to create a stand, making it ideal for watching videos, and surfing the web, and for everyday use. With your case, you will receive a washable Neato screen cleaner that will ensure your iPhone screen is clear, scratch free, and free of fingerprints at all times.

VersaCover ($49.95)

The versatile protective cover for a variety of different iPads! The Versa is not only stylish, but practical and defensive, too. The iPad cover folds in a variety of ways, inspired by origami. Whether you want to type, read, write, or watch movies, there is a way that the Versa will fold to make it easy to do. The Versa Cover has a shock-absorbing frame that is bonded to a shatter-proof polycarbonate case, providing the ultimate protection from scratches, falls, shocks, and dents. Versa comes in black and pink and has a built in magnet on its cover to support the iPad’s auto sleep and auto wake features. With 360-degree protection, there’s no better travel case for your iPad! The best thing about the Versa Cover is that it doesn’t make your iPad bulky in the least. It’s definitely a must have this holiday season. 

Versa Keyboard ($99.95)

Versa Keyboard for iPad

Now available for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2, the Versa Keyboard is the best iPad keyboard for users who want to watch movies, answer emails, or surf the web on the go. You’ll no longer have to bring your laptop if you have this iPad keyboard —it does it all! This keyboard meshes perfectly with the Versa Cover for the ultimate protectiveness and productivity. The keyboard has optimized scissor keys to provide simple shortcuts and keyboard responsiveness. I love the Versa Keyboard because of its Bluetooth technology; allowing users to place the keyboard anywhere within reach for maximum flexibility and the keyboard allows for 130 hours of battery life. A sturdy iPad keyboard that still doesn’t weigh much? Count me in!

IonBank Battery Pack ($88.95)

Ion bank

Out of all the portable battery packs on the market today, the IonBank is one of my favorites. This 5,000mAh mobile charger is capable of charging two iPhones or iPads at the same time. Unlike most lithium-ion battery chargers, this one uses a much higher grade of lithium-polymer cells, creating much more longevity. Recharging the device is simple with its USB port for either wall charging or car charging. The IonBank portable battery pack comes in a stylish aluminum casing and is extremely high endurance. Charging the device is quick and easy; and it can be charged over and over again, and continue maximized charging capabilities.


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