Polk's MagniFi Mini Delivers Massive Sound for a Compact Home Audio System

The Polk MagniFi Mini ($299.95) is a robust yet minimalist, two-piece sound system that works via several connectivity methods, including both Bluetooth and a 3.5mm input. Don’t let its small size fool you; the MagniFi Mini can keep pace with soundbar systems almost twice its size, and its diminutive size allows you to place it either discreetly or prominently in any room. The Polk MagniFi Mini is one of the best soundbars you can get for the money.

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I’ve been using the Polk MagniFi Mini as one of my primary sound systems for about a year now, and it has certainly stood up well to the test of time. Consisting of a small soundbar, which measures approximately 3-inches high by 13-inches long and houses two 12mm tweeters and four, multi-directional 2.25-inch drivers, the soundbar automatically pairs with its companion subwoofer when it’s turned on. The subwoofer houses a powerful 6.5-inch driver for bass amplification.

The subwoofer is effective, though not overwhelmingly so. Personally, I found the woofer to work best when I the volume was turned up high and when I listened to bass-heavy audio. For instance, music with deep bass drops and prominent bass lines is where I’ve found the MagniFi Mini to really shine brightest. Not that it doesn't sound great when I'm enjoying music that isn't bass-heavy, but I notice that the small subwoofer isn't very spectacular at lower volumes and with high treble audio. This being said, when the volume is loud enough and the content has ample low-end frequencies, the MagniFi Mini can literally make the floor shake!

For the purposes of this iPhone Life review, the fact that you can connect your iPhone or iPad to the MagniFi Mini via Bluetooth and also via a 3.5mm jack are the most important points to keep in mind. It’s worth noting, however, that the MagniFi Mini also supports Google Chrome Casting, HDMI, and an optical connection.


  • Impressive bang for the buck.
  • Small, unobtrusive, and compact form factor make this speaker perfect for a small-to-medium-sized home or office space.
  • Numerous connectivity options allow for a variety of uses with a wide range of input sources.
  • Processes Dolby 5.1 digital, for peak, surround sound audio quality.
  • Voice Adjust technology increases vocal clarity for crystal clear vocals and dialogue.
  • Comes with a handy remote control.


  • Not the most intuitive of controls. In particular, greater clarity when it comes to how to connect to the speaker to an audio source would be a good addition.

Final Verdict:

The Polk MagniFi Mini is hard to beat if you are looking for high-end audio quality in a compact form and a most affordable price, especially if you appreciate the extra bass that only a dedicated subwoofer can deliver. 

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