How to Use the Magnifier on Your iPhone & iPad

Your iPhone and iPad can magnify objects and text; no need for a magnifying glass app!

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Apple offers a screen magnifier feature on the iPhone and iPad. This "magnifying glass" is a helpful reading magnifier, especially for the visually impaired. No magnifier app needed; this magnification feature is free!

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How to Use Your iPad & iPhone as a Magnifier

Your iPhone and iPad have great accessibility features. We've written about apps for the deaf and hard of hearing, and we've already shown you how to add accessibility features to your Control Center. For more great iPhone accessibility tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day. Now, read on to learn how to magnify with your iPad and iPhone, as well as use the flashlight and brightness, contrast, and color adjustments. First, turn the feature on. To do this:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap Accessibility.

    iphone accessibility settings
  3. Tap Magnifier.

  4. Toggle Magnifier on. 

    toggle on iphone magnifier

How To Use the iPhone Magnifier

To use your iPhone magnifier, quickly press your iPhone's Side button three times if you have an iPhone X or later, or the Home button three times for earlier iPhone versions.

  1. If you have multiple Accessibility Shortcuts turned on, a menu will pop up; tap Magnifier
  2. If not, the magnifying glass will automatically open.
  3. You can also open the Magnifier by tapping the Magnifier app.

    ipad and iphone magnifier app
  4. To maximize the view on your display, slide the yellow dot to the right, toward the plus sign.
  5. To minimize the view, slide to the left toward the minus symbol.

    iphone magnifier settings
  6. Below the plus/minus slider are the Brightness, Contrast, Filters, and Flashlight icons. Tap any of these and use the slider to adjust.

    iphone magnifier options
  7. Tap the gear icon to add or remove any of these controls.

    customize magnifier controls
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