Does iMessage Send a Notification When You Save a Photo?

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  • No, the Messages app does not notify the sender when you save their photo.
  • The only app with a built-in 'notify when saved' feature is FaceTime.

The Messages app is great for sending text messages, voice messages, and, of course, photos and videos! When someone sends you photos, you can easily download them. Fortunately, the sender does not get a notification when or if you choose to download the photos they shared.

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Does iMessage Notify the Sender When You Save a Photo?

The short answer is no! At no point does the Messages app notify the sender of an image if you save it. This is true for both iPhone and Android contacts. The only notification the sender gets is that they see that you have read their message (aka seen their photo), and these read receipts can be turned off if you prefer. They will not be notified if you save any media they send you, what time you saved it, or if you saved it at all. For more iPhone tips, check out our free Tip of the Day newsletter!

Does iMessage Notify When You Save a Photo? NO

Now, you can have some peace of mind while saving (or not saving) photos sent by your friends and family. The only native iPhone app that has a feature like this is FaceTime. Next, learn how to find a lost text or photo in the Messages app.

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  • Does iMessage notify the sender when you screenshot? No, your contact will not be notified if you screenshot the conversation. But please keep in mind that some places may have laws against sharing text messages or other information without two-party consent.
  • Does Facebook notify the sender when you save a photo? No, Facebook does not notify the sender if or when you save a photo they shared with you.
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