How to Turn Off Read Receipts on iPhone & Turn Them Back on for Specific Messages

Have you ever wondered how to turn off Read Receipts on your iPhone? You know, the notification sent to the person who texted you that you've read their message? iMessage Read Receipts are okay sometimes; however, it’s not always desirable or necessary that every single person you talk to knows when you’ve read their message. Here's the good news, you can turn off Read Receipts on your iPhone, but leave them on for specific conversations where they're helpful to you. Here’s how to turn on Read Receipts for specific conversations on your iPhone. 

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If you don't like Read Receipts in general and would like to turn them off for the majority of your conversations:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap Messages.

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how to turn off read receipts iphone
  • Toggle off Send Read Receipts.
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If you'd like to turn Read Receipts back on for a specific text conversation, you’ll do this from within the message thread.

It's important to note:

  • You cannot turn on Send Read Receipts for group messages. 
  • The Read Receipt feature is specific to that text conversation; if you delete it and later start a new message thread with that person, you'll need to turn Read Receipts back on again.

To turn on Read Receipts for a text conversation:

  • Open the message you want to turn Read Receipts on for.
  • Tap the ‘i’ in the upper right corner. It is blue with a blue circle around it.
  • Toggle on Send Read Receipts.
i messageshow to turn off read receipts on iphone

Now that person for that message thread will see when you’ve read one of their text messages.

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