How to Unsync iPad from iPhone (2022)

Don’t want your photos or phone calls to be shared between your iPhone and iPad? Giving away or selling your iPad? Learn how to disconnect your iPad from your iPhone.

When you use the same Apple ID to log into your iPhone and iPad, your texts, emails, and phone calls can be received on both devices. And iCloud-based data, such as your photos, contacts, safari browsing, and reminders will also be synced across both devices. However, if your iPad is regularly used by other family members, you probably don't want your private messages, photos, and other data to show up on your iPad. And if you're selling or giving away your iPad, you'll want to completely disconnect your iPad from your iPhone. We will show you how to unlink your iPad from iPhone in four different ways.

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Completely Disconnect iPhone & iPad: How to Unsync iPhone from iPad through Apple ID

There might be a point in time when you decide that you want to sell or give away your iPhone or iPad to someone. However, you don't want to give someone an iPhone or an iPad that still has your personal information. Fortunately, you can disconnect your iPhone or iPad, removing all your personal data, through your Apple ID. Read our article to learn about unsyncing iPhone and iPad with your Apple ID and other privacy measures you should take before selling or giving away your iPad.

How to Unsync iPad from iPhone for Sharing Purposes

The following steps are helpful if you want to share your iPad with kids or family members but don't want them to see your calls, text, Safari history, and photos from your iPhone. 

1. Disconnect iPhone from iPad through iCloud

This method is great if you only want to disable some files from syncing between your iPhone and iPad.

  1. On your iPad, go to Settings.

  2. Tap your name at the top.

  3. Tap iCloud.

  4. Turn off the toggles beside the applications that you don’t want to sync.

2. Stop iPad from Getting iPhone Messages

If you are using an iPad with Wi-Fi only, the Messages app can be used to send or receive messages through the cellular services of your iPhone or with iMessage. This only works when your iPad shares the same Apple ID as your iPhone. Read our article about iMessages to learn how you can disable the feature on your iPad and other devices. Another great Messages article that you should read will teach you how to hide text messages on your iPhone

3. Prevent incoming iPhone calls from Ringing on Your iPad

It can be an inconvenience when you have an incoming call on your iPhone and your iPad rings in unison. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to prevent incoming calls from ringing on your iPad. Take a look at our article about answering and making phone calls on your iPad to find out how to avoid incoming calls. 

4. Avoid Apps from Downloading between iPhone & iPad

Anytime that you download an app on your iPhone, it can be frustrating to see the same app appear on your iPad and vice versa. To find out how you can avoid this phenomenon, read our tip on how to stop apps from automatically downloading between your iPhone and iPad.

5. Disable iCloud to Stop Photos from Syncing between iPhone & iPad

After using your iPhone to take pictures, it can be annoying to see photos appearing in unwanted places such as your iPad. In addition, you don't want a significant amount of storage to be used on your iPad. Since iCloud is responsible for syncing data between your iPhone and iPad, you can easily disable iCloud Photo Library on your iPad to prevent your iPhone pictures from syncing to your iPad. Our article about uploading photos to iCloud can guide you on how to turn syncing off. 

Now that you know how to unsync your iPhone from your iPad, check out our article on how to delete expired subscriptions on your iPhone.

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