iPhone Life's Earth Day 2015 Mobile Tech Awards

In celebration of Earth Day 2015, iPhone Life is pleased to introduce the recipient of our annual Earth Day Mobile Tech Awards. Today we highlight three environmentally-conscious tech brands (one winner and two runners-up) that are actively making a difference in how we live life in harmony with our home planet. Each company has made their own significant contributions toward making our world a “greener” place, with their eco-friendly products and practices. Read on to find out who takes home this year's honors.


Winner: House of Marley

In the years since its creation, House of Marley has become so much more than just another stylish line of iOS compatible audio accessories with a celebrity endorsement. Building off of the legacy of the late Bob Marley, his children and his grandchildren have kept his charitable and environmentally conscious spirit alive through the House of Marley. Not only does a percentage of the proceeds from the House of Marley's sales get redirected into various environmentally educational and ecologically sustainable endeavors, the company also happens to make amazingly well-crafted gear that bring our iDevices to life, and conveniently, it offers something for most anyone's budget.

Its line of headphones and speakers are all designed with Apple's iOS platform in mind; in fact, the House of Marley is one of a few companies that design their wireless gear to support Apple's AAC hi-definition wireless codec. In fact, all of their accessories feature the audiophile quality sound befitting a family of musicians, as well as an organically luxurious feel, with their generous use of beautiful, FSC-certified wood, recycled metals and Upcycled fabrics composed of hemp, cotton and a strong fiber made from repurposed plastic bottles. The House of Marley has managed to create a socially and environmentally conscientious brand that actively supports and protects the Earth's precious resources, without sacrificing quality or style. For that the company is the well-deserving recipient of 2015's iPhone Life Earth Day award.

Contributed by Siva Om


Runner Up: Reveal

Pair beautiful iDevice cases with gorgeous, sustainable design and you have Reveal, the runner-up for this year’s Earth Day mobile tech award.

Reveal's large selection of device cases and accessories are sustainably made with materials that are either renewable, reused, or recycled. Its iPhone and iPad cases (4 and up), as well as laptop bags, headphones, and speakers are all beautifully made from eco-friendly materials like cork, bamboo, wood, recycled fabric, BPA-free printed plastics, and vegan leather. 

Reveal is very transparent about where its materials come from, which is one reason why the company is first runner up this year! Cork is harvested straight from the living tree, meaning the entire tree doesn’t need to be cut down in order to make a harvest. This doesn’t kill the tree by any means! Bamboo, another sustainable material used by Reveal, is the fastest growing woody plant in the world, so it grows back quickly after it’s cut down. Also, the recycled plastic used in iPad and laptop bags is made from salvaged plastic bottles.

On top of that, Reveal plants a tree (with the help of non-profit American Forests) for every purchase made that includes cork, bamboo, or wood. These trees are planted in endangered forests worldwide.

The products are priced similarly to prominent iDevice accessory companies, but pose a better bang for their buck considering how much good they’re doing for our planet.


Contributed by Abbey Dufoe


Runner Up: Etón

Etón manufactures a wide variety of emergency radios and USB chargers, including several with the Red Cross brand. What makes them particularly earth-friendly are that many offer both solar and/or hand-crank USB charging capability. With a few hours of sun or a few minutes of cranking, your phone can be powered indefinitely. They are ideal to keep in the car to call for help in the event both the car battery and cell battery die at the same time!


Contributed by Todd Bernhard

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