I've Been Wrong Before, But I Believe a New Apple TV Is Coming Soon

I've Been Wrong Before, But I Think We Are Soon To See A New Apple TV.

If you follow my online articles here at iPhone Life you may have gotten the feeling that I'm like the boy who cried wolf when it comes to the release of a new Apple TV. Well, here I go again; and this time I believe that its release is coming soon, most likely in a September (or October at the latest) unveiling event, either with the anticipated introduction of the new iPhones in September or along with Apple's new iPads in October.

Honestly I'm surprised that Apple has waited this long before updating the Apple TV. Since the Apple TV's last update in January 2013, the market for quality streaming television accessories has become quite crowded with the likes of Google's Chromecast, Sling, Roku, and Amazon's Fire.

Of course, I understand that Apple has exceedingly high standards when it comes to releasing products and with few exceptions it usually raises the bar in any market category it enters, so I certainly get why it may have taken Apple awhile to perfect the newest version of its streaming TV. I trust that Apple is well aware that with all the years that have passed since the Apple TV's last iteration, expectations will be running high; and if there's any credibility to the buzz of the rumor mill, I suspect Apple fans will have plenty of reason to be excited.

The new Apple TV is expected to bring with it a slew of fancy new features, including a much faster processing chip, a dedicated App Store, Siri integration, a wide selection of premium subscription channels, deep gaming integration, and touch pad remote control.

I've Been Wrong Before, But I Think We Are Soon To See A New Apple TV.

As a gamer I'm particularly interested to see how the new Apple TV more effectively brings gaming to the big screen, perhaps even opening the gates for broadcasting. I'm also curious to see if Apple has managed to find a local solution (other than Siri) to the out-dated and painstakingly slow system of entering individual letters by moving a cursor through the alphabet, then clicking, then moving the cursor again, and repeating this process with each letter.

We'll find out soon enough if I've finally got it right. I can't see Apple delaying the Apple TV's launch past this year; the market is just too profitable and it's not like they aren't already competing in the streaming TV arena, they are just doing so with an antiquated device. Only time will tell if I'll have to eat my words again, but despite the dearth of leaked images that we typically see with iPhones and iPads, I think it's a pretty safe bet that Apple is about to impress us with their innovation yet again.

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