12 Things We’re Hoping to See at the September 9 Apple Event

We can safely say that the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be coming with Force Touch and a nicer camera, but what else does Apple have in store for its fans? Here are 12 things we hope to see during the September 9 iPhone announcement.

1. Eddie Cue busting a move.

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Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services became an Internet sensation after getting his groove on while introducing Apple Music at WWDC 15. Will he do it again? Actually, we’re not sure if we’re hoping he dances or hoping he doesn’t.

2. More awkward celebrity moments.

Apple events are almost guaranteed to feature a cringeworthy interaction between an Apple exec and a famous person—from uncoordinated high fives (high fingers?) with Bono to stilted phone calls with Dr. Dre to the unrehearsed ramblings of Drake. The only thing that’s uncertain is which celebrity it will be this year.

3. The release of iOS 9 and watchOS 2 on the day of the announcement.

Usually Apple waits to release the newest version iOS until a couple weeks after the announcement when the new iPhone becomes available; but a lot of people have already been using the public betas of both operating systems, so why wait?

4. Some iPad Pro details.

Apple always holds a separate October announcement for the iPad release, but maybe Tim Cook will give us some details about the rumored iPad Pro just like he introduced the Apple Watch at last year’s iPhone announcement. And we really want to know: Is it true about the stylus? Say it ain’t so, Tim!

5. Another funny intro video.

At WWDC 2015, instead of a long talk by Tim Cook about how many apps Apple has sold, we got a hilarious intro video featuring Bill Hader. We’re hoping to get another one, maybe starring Amy Schumer this time?

6. More Jony Ives videos.

One of the best parts of any Apple event is the inescapable video of Jony Ives lovingly pontificating in his British accent on the design of the relevant Apple product. If Jony ever gets tired of working for Apple he could easily get a job narrating Nature Channel wildlife documentaries.

7. How about a waterproof iPhone?

There have been no rumors indicating this is actually something in the works, but it's way past time Apple put out a waterproof iPhone. Samsung is already making smartphones with an IP67 rating and the klutzy members of the iPhone Life editorial team are tired of having to keep emergency bags of rice on hand for the inevitable toilet drop.


8. Even more diversity.

At WWDC 2015 Apple had not just one, but two female executives on stage. It was the first time in 18 years that there was a female exec onstage at an Apple event. And even counting women like model Christy Turlington Burns, who was helping promote the Apple Watch at the March 2015 event, there have previously only been six women presenting at an Apple event. Let’s hope this new trend continues as Apple pursues its goal of promoting gender and racial diversity in the tech field.


9. A great musical performance.

The Weeknd performed its new song “Can’t Feel My Face”at WWDC 2015. Maybe this time Taylor swift will perform. As long as Apple pays her adequately, of course.

10. More new product categories.

Now that Tim Cook is branching out, why should he stop with the Apple Watch? What about an Apple Drone or an Apple Car?

11. Drunk iPhone Lifers.

Why? Because we’re going to play the Apple Announcement Drinking Game while we cover this event. Here’s how it works: Get some good booze, and then every time someone says the word revolutionary, take a drink.

12. Last but not least: One more thing.

It could happen.


That’s our list. What would you like to see happen at the iPhone announcement?

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