Phiaton's Bridge MS 500 Headphones: Serious Contenders for Best of 2013.

One of our editors here at iPhone Life recently asked me which pair of headphones I would vote for as best headphone of the year. Without hesitation I replied that in my opinion Phiaton’s Bridge MS 500 ($269.00) deserved that honor. These uniquely crafted headphones take precision sound sculpting to a whole new level. And when I use the word sculpting, that is exactly what these superior headphones do. Like a master sculptor, the Bridge MS 500s take the acoustics of whatever you're listening to and mold and funnel the sounds to get the maximum dynamic range out of each and every note.

Most high quality over-the-ear headphones incorporate empty space within the speaker housing of the ear "cans." The sound chamber enhances the sound in varying ways depending on their structure. The Bridge MS 500s have a unique and well-thought out sound chamber design, that's for certain. Check out their internal configuration in the image below:

As you can see, the internal crafting of the Bridge MS 500 is ingenious in its use of physical contours to isolate and modulate the tones and enhance the already clear and distinctive frequencies delivered by the high-end drivers. Contained within the sound chambers are dampening panels and air vents which all work together synchronistically to deliver a true high-definition audio experience.

The honeycomb-lined primary sound chamber and the generous bass-defining sub chamber give the Bridge headphones a soundscape that is almost succulent in nature. The attention to detail in design is noteworthy and the effect is one that will be appreciated instinctively by a non-audiophile and perceptibly by the discerning audiophile.

Add to the mix plush, leather-covered ear cushions that effectively mute outside sounds while keeping whatever you are jamming to contained and sealed in, and you have one of the best pairs of headphones on the market today.

I'll tell you this: These headphones will sell you with their looks, and blow you away with their sound. If you are looking for a low-profile, elegant, and luxurious pair of headphones that are extremely comfortable and sound like you are live in the recording studio, the Phiaton Bridge MS 500s deserve some serious consideration.


  • High comfort factor.
  • Silky smooth adjustable sliders and gimbaled headphone "cans" provide excellent customization of fit.
  • Two, heavy-duty, fabric-covered headphone cables, one with an in-line mic and one without.
  • A convenient carrying bag.
  • Plush leather-covered headband.
  • Stellar audio reproduction. Some of the best I've tried.


  • Although billed as over-ear headphones, I felt like they began to pinch my lower lobe after hours of listening to them. I would have liked to see just a little more generosity with regard to space for your ears within the ear cushions.

If you can't see the cool product video above, just click HERE.

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