Best Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets for Your iPhone

Check out our roundup of the best VR headsets for the iPhone; they range in size and price, but all are cheap enough for just about everyone to give VR a try. Whether you are new to VR or have been playing around in virtual realms for a while, we also recommend trying free VR apps, including Veer VRWithin -VR, and VR Tube to explore a variety of original, mind-bending VR content. 

The fact that iOS apps, when paired with a virtual reality headset, allow you to utilize VR is impressive in and of itself. That being said, the technology has a way to go before it truly mimics the real world. Currently, VR for the iPhone and iPad suffers from mediocre graphics, partly because of the ultra-high resolution needed to provide realistic visuals in this intimate medium. Ocassionally sketchy graphics aside, virtual and augmented reality are the wave of the future, and there are plenty of educational and entertaining ways to make the most of this new technology. You can move your head around in three-dimensional space and experience a simulated world wherever you look: up, down, and side to side. Imagine being virtually transported to a rooftop as you perform parkour, or to the Serengeti where you’re surrounded by a herd of elephants! The potential for VR is tremendous, and it’s still in its infancy! 

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Dodo Smart VR ($39.95)

This miniature, compact, and totally portable virtual reality viewer fits discreetly in your pocket or personal carryall. Its sturdy components fold down to the size of an iPhone SE.

The Smart VR holds your iPhone securely in clamp slots and has a faceplate with a notch that rests on your nose. While the absence of a head strap means you have to use your hands to hold the viewer in place, the added portability makes this innovative gadget one of our favorite options for consuming VR content on the go.

Veer ($9.99)

This basic cardboard viewer won’t set you back much financially and offers a great way to get your feet wet with VR. The Veer is lightweight, easy to assemble, and relatively sturdy. A Velcro latch on the door encloses your smartphone, and an adjustable elastic headband keeps the headset in place as you twirl around your living room.

Zeiss VR OnePlus ($64.32)

Featuring Zeiss’s world-renowned premium optics, the VR One Plus serves up your content in its crispest form and at the highest resolution possible. The headset provides sufficient space to accommodate eyeglasses (a big plus indeed) and includes a universal smartphone tray that accepts iPhones with display sizes ranging from 4.7–5.5 inches. The VR One Plus is a stylish and modern affair, complete with ventilation ports, a clear front shield to allow for use with AR apps, a comfortable head strap, and plush foam internal padding.

BlitzWolf BW-VR3 ($19.99)

This exceptionally comfortable headset features a unique, binocular-like lens adjusting system, whereby you twist manual dials to adjust the focus of the internal lenses (a great feature for anyone who wears glasses). While the headset is relatively lightweight and well-padded, the latch and clamp in the front compartment feel a tad flimsy, so you should handle with care. Notably, a detachable front door panel allows users to take advantage of AR apps as well.

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