Contact Card Not Available for FaceTime? 5 Easy Fixes

What to Know

  • When a contact card is not available for FaceTime, it doesn't mean that you've been blocked. It is either a software or network glitch.
  • Make sure that the person you are attempting to FaceTime has not deleted or disabled the app.
  • This article covers five ways to get a FaceTime contact card working again.

Some iPhone users are reporting that, for certain contacts, they are receiving an error that says, "Contact Card Is Not Available for FaceTime," and are wondering what that means and how to fix it. This article covers five different fixes for when the contact card is not available for FaceTime.

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What Does Contact Card Not Available for FaceTime Mean?

Usually, the error message that displays "Contact Card not available for FaceTime" is a glitch connected to the FaceTime app, the network, or the software. In some circumstances, it may mean that the person you are trying to FaceTime has disabled FaceTime or deleted it from their device completely. But it does not mean that that person has blocked you. You will know that you've been blocked on FaceTime because you will receive the message "FaceTime Unavailable."

How to Fix Contact Card Not Available for FaceTime

This issue doesn't appear to have one straightforward fix, but different tips have worked for different users. If you like getting all the latest tips about using your Apple devices, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day! Here are five ways to fix the Contact Card Not Available error message.

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Turn FaceTime Off and On Again

The first option to try when the contact card is not available on FaceTime is to turn FaceTime off and then back on again in the Settings app.

  1. On your device, open Settings.

    contact card is not available for facetime
  2. Tap FaceTime.

    contact card not available for facetime
  3. Toggle FaceTime off. 

    contact is not available for facetime
  4. Wait a few moments, and then toggle FaceTime back on again. You may be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID.

    facetime not working for certain contacts

Offload FaceTime

By simply offloading the app, you can maintain the data and settings, but the action will delete the app's executable file from your device. This may help clear up any bugs or issues creating the contact card error.

  1. Open Settings.

    contact card not available for facetime 2022
  2. Tap General.

    how to fix contact card not available for facetime
  3. Tap iPhone Storage.

    facetime contact card not available
  4. Tap FaceTime.

    the contact card is not available for facetime
  5. Tap Offload App.

    why does it say contact card not available for facetime
  6. Tap Offload App again to confirm.

    why can't i facetime someone
  7. Then, tap the app on your Home Screen to download it again.

    why can't i see the other person on facetime

Delete the Contact and Re-enter It

There is a possibility that something glitched or went wrong with the contact itself. Before deleting the contact card and re-entering it, be sure to write down the contact's details so that you do not lose the information.

  1. Open Contacts on your device.

    why is my facetime not working
  2. Tap the contact you want to delete.

    why cant i see the other person on facetime
  3. Tap Edit.

    can't see other person on facetime
  4. Scroll down and tap Delete Contact.

    facetime not working
  5. Then, in your Contacts list, tap the Add button.

    facetime unavailable
  6. Re-enter your contact's information and tap Done to save.

    facetime not showing other person

Delete FaceTime and Redownload It

If the problem persists, you can try deleting the entire FaceTime app and then reinstalling it from the App Store.

  1. Press and hold the FaceTime app from your Home Screen.

    in the contact is not available for facetime
  2. Tap Remove App.

    in the contact is not available for facetime
  3. Tap Delete App.

    choose another phone number facetime
  4. Tap Delete again to confirm.

    facetime not showing video
  5. Then, go to the App Store.

    why can't i facetime someone but i can call them
  6. Search for FaceTime and tap the Cloud icon to re-download the app.

    not available facetime

Update Your Device

Typically, when all other options fail, it is always a good idea to make sure your device is up to date. You can do this on most Apple devices by going into Settings > General > Software update. For a more detailed explanation, learn how to update to the latest OS

And that's how you solve the contact card unavailable glitch in the FaceTime app! Hopefully, one of these options worked for you. Next, learn how to take Live Photos while on a FaceTime call! Good luck, and happy video chatting!


  • Why does it say contact is not available for FaceTime? You can sometimes receive this error if the other person declines the call, has FaceTime disabled, is on another call, has enabled Do Not Disturb focus, or you have been blocked.
  • What's a contact card? With Apple Contacts, the contact card refers to the entry where all your contact's information has been stored. This is akin to a business card or index card in a Rolodex. 
  • Why can't I see the other person on FaceTime? Make sure that the other person has turned on their camera by tapping the screen to bring up the menu and then tapping the video camera button.
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