Free Up Storage By Clearing Deleted Voicemails

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If you're looking to clear up some storage, you might want to try deleting old voicemails that you no longer need. You might have even already deleted all your old voicemails but noticed no change in your storage space. That's because there's a hidden folder where your deleted voicemails go instead of getting deleted permanently. Here's how to access it.

Why You'll Love This Tip:

  • Clear up storage space that's being taken up by voicemails.
  • Get rid of junk messages you don't need anymore.

How to Delete Voicemail on iPhone

Voicemails are easy to delete in the Phone app, but deleted voicemails aren’t removed from your device completely. Deleting your first voicemail creates a folder of Deleted Messages just in case you accidentally got rid of a message or want to visit it later. Deleted Messages can be listened to, un-deleted, and permanently deleted with a Clear All. For more iPhone shortcuts and secrets, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter. Now, here’s how to delete voicemails on iPhone permanently:

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  1. Open the Phone app, and tap Voicemail.

    iphone phone keypad with voicemail tab circled in red
  2. Tap Deleted Messages at the bottom of your list of voicemails.

    iphone voicemail tab with deleted messages folder circled in red
  3. To listen to a deleted message, tap any message.

    iphone deleted voicemails page with one voicemail circled in red
  4. Press the Play button.

    iphone voicemail with play button circled in red
  5. To Undelete a message tap the red Undelete icon (it looks like a trash can with a slash through it).

    iphone voicemail with undelete button circled in red
  6. You can delete an individual message by swiping left on it.

    iphone deleted voicemails with one specific message circled in red, with an arrow point to the left, indicating to swipe left
  7. Then, tap Clear to clear it.

    iphone deleted voicemails with Clear button circled in red
  8. Alternatively, you can delete all your voicemails by tapping Clear All.

    iphone deleted voicemails list with clear all button circled in red
  9. Tap Clear All again to confirm.

    iphone deleted voicemails list with clear all confirmation button circled in red

That’s all there is to it! If someone sends you a voicemail you delete, know that it isn’t gone until it’s been completely cleared. This is reassuring if you accidentally deleted a priceless, hilarious voicemail from a friend. Depending on your cellular provider, the Deleted Messages folder might not automatically Clear All voicemails. If your carrier doesn't automatically clear your voicemails, you'll have to do it manually. Next, find out how to fix your voicemail when it's not working.

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