6 Fun Saint Patrick's Day Apps For iPhone

Saint Patrick's Day is around the corner, and even if you're not Irish, there is fun to be had! Here is a quick round up of 6 fun apps for your iPhone to help you to celebrate in style.


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1. Antique St. Patrick's Day Cards ($1.99) by Small View Media

Antique St. Patrick's Day Cards App

Send antique Saint Patrick's Day cards from your iPhone with this collection of more than 100 vintage images. Use the images to set the lock screen or wallpaper on your phone, email a card to a friend, or print the images for a paper card. 

2. St. Patrick's Day Treats ($0.99) by Mobyi Apps

Cupcakes, potatoes, corned beef... yum! This app brings you recipes for all of your favorite Saint Patrick's Day foods. Great for those last minute parties! 

3. iShots — St. Paddy's Day ($0.99) by cgCraft LLC

iShots St. Patrick's Day Shot Recipes App

An Irish bartender at your fingertips, this adult app has 20 Saint Patrick's Day shot recipes for you to shake up on the big day. Including the Irish Cowboy, Nutty Irishman, and even a Frozen Leprechaun, this app easily shares your creations to Facebook and Twitter. 

4. St. Patrick's Day Photo Free (Free) by ObjectGraph LLC 

St. Patrick's Day Photo Free App

This easy-to-use photo app allows you to add fun Saint patrick's Day themed stickers to your photos. You can add shamrocks, fun hats, and even rainbows with pots of gold at the end. This is a great way to update your social media profile pictures for the holiday, or to keep your kids busy while you're waiting in line at the grocery store.


5. Leprechaun Name Generator (Free) by Paul Thomas  

Leprechaun Name Generator App

Great for kids and adults alike, try calling each other by your leprechaun names all day on the 17th! This app is nothing but fun - silly leprechaun names made from your real name.

6. Irish Slang Dictionary (Free) by Kolor Design Pty Ltd

Irish Slang Dictionary App

You don't just want to look like an Irishman on Saint Patrick's Day, you want to talk like one, too - right? The Irish Slang Dictionary app can help you with that. This app also helps you understand what your Irish friends have all been talking about!

There you have it, mo chairde (look that definition up!). What Saint Patrick's Day apps would you add to the list?

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