Shake It Out: Choose a random entry from any lists you create

Shake It OutShake it out is an app that chooses a random line item from lists you create. I use EVERY day for one reason or another. It's a staple that I'm so glad I found & is quick & simple to use.

Nothing fancy, here. It loads fast, works fast, & can handle lists from 2 items all the way up to ... ? I haven't found a limit yet. I created a very LONG list of items just to see what it would do & it chose an item from that list as quickly as it chooses an item from a 2-line list. It's very simple, you create as many lists as you'd like that cover anything from choosing a color, what to have for breakfast, what to do in your spare time, to ... anything you can think of. Then simply choose the list you'd like to use, give your phone a gentle shake, & there's your suggestion! I use it every day to choose a random app that's installed on my phone (so many apps, so little time!), what to do in my spare time when all the housework is done, & on weekends to choose a fun family activity that we all enjoy. That one is the most important list, because we have 2 children & I promise that if you ask THEM what they'd like to do ... there's going to be a fight. One wants to play Life, the other wants to play Battleship, & no matter which one you choose, the other then feels like you love the other child more. Ugh! With this app, I just give the phone a shake & no matter what it picks, the children are excited & can't wait to go, do, or play. It's also great for solving the dinner problem. Ask a man what he wants for dinner. You're lucky if you get an answer beyond "Food". It's one of the first apps that I installed on my phone after I bought it & one of the very few original downloads that is STILL on my phone. The price? $4.99. Worth it? YES ... if you're indecisive or just love randomness like I do.

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