Hot Right Now on Kickstarter: Lifelogger POV Video Camera

I love cruising around on Kickstarter for the latest and greatest in innovation. It makes me feel good to help a company with a great product get a leg up!  Today, I came across the Lifelogger POV video camera and I want one. Badly.

Check it out.

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As their Kickstarter profile states, Lifelogger Technologies Corp. works from the belief that “our memories are THE MOST PRECIOUS ASSET that we possess as a human being.”  (Shouty caps all theirs.) So why not find a way to preserve those memories while enjoying them hands free at the same time.

When I’m recording a moment, I’m always wondering if I should be just enjoying it without a camera in my hand instead of capturing it to relive in the future. I feel a little bit guilty not being in the moment entirely. Let’s face it, holding a device in your hand and watching through a view finder is distracting and you’re most certainly not all there.

With a hands-free, wearable device, your problem is solved. And with one like the Lifelogger, you don’t have to worry about pointing the camera in the right direction. It’s attached to a durable, lightweight headpiece so it records everything from your point of view—just don’t forget you’re wearing it; you might capture a moment you don’t want to remember!

You’re stoked about this now too, aren’t you?

Think of all the things you could do with this bad boy! I want to record like, everything. I even thought of rigging it up to put on my Chihuahua so I could see what life is like all the way down there. I also imagine this being the perfect thing for parents who want to record their child in the school play or baby’s first strained pea experience (green slime comin’ atcha!). In other words, I have been fantasizing about what I would do with this camera.

The Lifelogger has a pretty neat list of components:

  • A camera (duh)
  • GPS
  •  Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer
  • 32 GB memory
  • H264 encoder
  • Cloud-based video management and processing software

Lifelogger app

Since the actual Lifelogger camera is so small, the need for an LCD screen and more buttons had to be eliminated. The Lifelogger camera is controlled by an app that works with both Android and iOS.

The app can:

  • Manage your existing videos
  • Help you live stream
  • Setup your device
  • Sign into iCloud
  • Manage videos
  • Turn live streaming on and off
  • Display battery and memory status

Searching for videos

Lifelogger seems to have put a lot of thought into granting users the ability to search and organize their videos. With this app you can search by date, geolocation, faces, voices, and optical character recognition. How cool is that?

Kickstarter funds

Kickstarter funds will be used to finish the product development process. The first mass production run is projected to happen in the fall of 2014. Visit their Kickstarter page to learn more about backer benefits.

I’m getting in line for one of these for sure and I hope you will too. Now I’ve just got to figure out a way to get a Lifelogger on my Chihuahua and we’ll be rollin’ with the doggie cam!

Image courtesy of MishelVerini/Shutterstock 
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