Create a Contact Group on iPhone—the Easy Way! (iOS 17)

What to Know

  • To create an email contact group, open the Contacts app, tap Lists, tap Add List, type a name for your group, and add each contact.
  • For group texts, send a group message to all desired contacts, tap their names at the top, select Change Name and Photo, and name the group chat. 

Making iPhone contact groups allows you to quickly send a message or email to multiple people. With iOS 16, you no longer have to use a Mac or PC to create an email list. Instead, you can create a group in your iPhone Contacts app to easily send large group emails. If you want to create a contact group for text messages, you can do that in the iPhone Messages app. We'll teach you how to add groups on your iPhone so you can quickly send group texts and emails.

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    How to Group Contacts on iPhone for Email

    To make an email contact group using the method below, you will need to have updated your iPhone to iOS 17. You'll also need to make sure that each contact you want to add to the group has an email address saved in the contact card; otherwise, you won't be able to include that contact in the group email. Here's how to put contacts into groups on an iPhone so you can easily send group emails:

    1. To create a group on your iPhone, open the Phone app or Contacts app. From your main contacts list, tap Lists in the upper-left corner.

    2. Tap Add Lists to create a new email group.

    3. Type a name for your list, then tap Done on your keyboard to save the name. 

    4. Tap your new list to open it and begin adding contacts.

    5. Select Add Contacts or tap the plus icon in the top corner.

    6. Tap to select each contact you want to add to your list. Selected contacts will have a blue checkmark beside them.

      Tap to select each contact.
    7. When you're finished adding contacts, tap Done

      Tap Done to save the contacts to your new email list.
    8. Review your new email group and make sure the correct contacts were added. From here, you can also tap the Mail icon to draft a new email to your group.

    Now whenever you need to send a group email on your iPhone, you can just start a draft in the Mail app and type the name of the contact group in the To: field. When you tap send, an email will be sent to each member of the group. 

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    Pro Tip: If you want your new iPhone contact group to also be available on your Mac or iPad, you just need to make sure your Contacts app is enabled in iCloud. To check this on your iPhone, open the Settings app, tap your name, tap iCloud, tap Show All beneath Apps Using iCloud, and scroll down to make sure the Contacts app is toggled on. If it is, your new contact groups will be available on all your iCloud-connected devices. 

    How to Create a Group on iPhone for Texting

    You used to be able to text iPhone contact groups as well as email them, but that feature no longer works. However, the Messages app lets you create a group text on your iPhone, name it, and pin that chat to the top of the Messages app so you can easily find and text that contact group any time. For more useful tricks about the Contacts app and Messages app, check out our free Tip of the Day. Here's how to add a group to an iPhone for texting:

    1. Start a new text in the Messages app. In the To: field, add all the contacts you want to include in the group text.

      how to create a group on iphone
    2. Compose your text as usual and send it.

      iphone contact groups
    3. If you want to name your group chat, tap the contacts displayed at the top. (This requires everyone in the chat have an iPhone and be using iMessages.)

      iphone grouping contacts
    4. Tap Change Name and Photo.

      how to create a contact group on iphone
    5. Type a group name and tap Done when you're finished.

      grouping contacts on iphone
    6. Tap Done again to save your new group name. 

      how to create group contact on iphone

    One thing to be aware of is that if you delete the group conversation you created, you will not be able to send a text message to the group by entering the group name. However, as long as the group chat isn't deleted, you can use this quick shortcut to efficiently send large group texts. 


    • How do I create a group in contacts on my iPhone without iCloud? 
      You don't need iCloud! You can create an email contact group on your iPhone by opening the Contacts app, tapping Lists, selecting Add List, typing a name for your group, and adding each contact. It's the same as the steps above, except the iPhone contact group won't sync to your other devices. 
    • Can you group contacts on your iPhone if you haven't upgraded to iOS 16 or iOS 17?
      Yes, but you'll need to use a Mac or PC to create a group list for emailing. On a PC, sign into and open the Contacts app. Mac owners can use the Contacts app on their computer, provided contacts are synced via iCloud. Click the plus icon and select New Group. Then, just select each of the contacts you want to add! The new group will sync to your iPhone via iCloud. 
    • How do I create a group in contacts on my iPhone 13, iPhone 12, or other model?
      It doesn't matter which device model you have, as long as it has been updated to iOS 16 or later. Then, you can easily create a group on your iPhone by opening the Contacts app, adding a list, and selecting each contact you want to add. 

    That's all there is to it! Now you can easily create groups on your iPhone to quickly send large group emails and texts. Have you ever accidentally deleted a contact? If so, you might be interested in learning how to retrieve deleted contacts on your iPhone. For more help with managing contacts, check out our guide on deleting multiple contacts at once.

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