TumbleOn to the best of Tumblr photo blogs!

If you are a Tumblr fan, and looking for an app that makes it easy to follow your favorite photo blogs (or find new ones), TumbleOn might be just what you have been looking for. In similar fashion to reader apps like Pulse, TumblOn leverages the smooth side-scrolling features of the iPad touch screen to make it easy to browse your favorite feeds. The app also provides handy quick-pick services that help you drill down on the best blog content, and even reblog it on your own tumblelog site.

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Tumblr, for the uninitiated (which I was mostly before checking out this app), is a social network sharing and microblogging tool not all that different from other services, except maybe for the better and simpler posting and sharing options. It is home to some 40+ million blogs.

Sign-up is free and you get a pre-configured blog space and URL which can become home for your shared text, images, and video posts via a very simple on-line editor. The service has free iPhone and android apps, and even worked fine on my crackberry posting up using the mobile browser. I happened to be overseas working at a remote site when I wrote this review, and Tumblr proved an easy way to get pictures uploaded to the web.

TumblOn is not just a feed reader. It's a handy way to view and reblog your fav Tumblr photo content. A tumblr account is not required to browse blogs, but for more integrated functions like viewing your dashboard, and reblogging/"liking" others posts will require you to sign up. You can even sign-up through the app, which worked fine though the app did crash at the end.

There is a free iPhone Tumblr app, though I haven't tried it, and the highly rated Tumblita app covers posting pretty well.  The TumbleOn focus is more about finding and viewing photo content on iPad, so you might want to check out another app if blogging directly is what you are after.

Several notable TumbleOn plusses are worth mentioning. First off, finding content that is interesting is about as easy as just poking around the staff picks list, and is almost a guarantee you will find a photo blog stream of interest. You can also easily play blog content in a slide show or add to your bookmarks. Once you have found stuff you like, the app is a great way to snag cool new wallpapers or pix on your device, or share them with friends.

TumbleOn really showcases the content of Tumblr content well, but $1.99 feels a little spendy for an app isolated to a single social networking web service, though I think it probably depends on how much you rely on the service. A 99 cent firesale price might be closer to the mark (at least for a limited time). You can grab TumbleOn here at the app store...

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