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CES 2014: Pelican's Pro Vault for iPad Air

 Pelican's Pro Vault for iPad Air, Winner of Best of CES Award

CES 2014 saw a slew of protective cases for the new iPad Air in all shapes, styles, and colors. Finding a case that stood out from the crowd was no easy task. After looking closely at what seemed like hundreds of cases, the Pelican Pro Vault ($99.95) emerged as one of best cases for the iPad Air, and certainly the best case for the Air if you are looking for rugged, heavy-duty protection.


 Pelican's Pro Vault for iPad Air, Winner of Best of CES Award

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a medical or construction worker, or a bathtub e-book reader, a rugged protective case can go a long way toward ensuring that your prized possession stays safe and sound. Right now one of the best, ultra-protective solutions you'll find for keeping your iPad Air safe is the Pelican Pro Vault. In fact, the Pro Vault for the iPad Air was recently awarded the iPhone Life Best of CES 2014 award, which is no small achievement.

The Vault offers IP54 Military Grade protection, which translates to a case that is splash-proof, shock-proof, drop-proof and dust-proof. With its sturdy and tough shell, impact-absorbing internal cushioning, and sealed ports, the Pro Vault will protect your iPad from most potential damaging forces it may encounter. While it's not a fully submersible waterproof case, the Pro Vault (assuming its lid and ports are closed) can even withstand a temporary dunk in liquid, while keeping your iPad Air unscathed.

I got to spend some hands-on with the Pro Vault at CES and came away quite impressedand it takes a lot to impress this writer when it comes to rugged iPad cases. One of the features that I found especially appealing is the lack of a plastic touchscreen protector. This allows for the experience of interacting with the Air’s glass touchscreen to be fully appreciated. Whenever you’re not using your iPad, the Vault’s hinged screen cover folds shut providing complete touchscreen protection. The screen cover also serves as a convenient viewing stand for using FaceTime or movie watching. Overall, the design of the Pro Vault is well thought out and very effective at doing its job of protecting your iPad Air, come what may.

Pelican is already well-known for producing rugged, extreme-duty protective cases for all kinds of gear, and their foray into the burgeoning field of iPad case is no exception. The Pro Vault continues the proud Pelican tradition of offering you some of the best iDevice protection on the market. The Pro Vault is also available for the iPad mini with Retina display ($79.95). If reliable and durable coverage for your iDevices is what’s called for, do yourself a favor and check out Pelican’s Pro Vault series.

 Pelican's Pro Vault for iPad Air, Winner of Best of CES Award

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