Homewerks Ventilating Bath Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Singing in the shower just got a whole lot more fun!

I received the Homewerks Ventilating Bath Fan with Bluetooth Speaker ($139 at Home Depot) for review a few weeks ago, and while I couldn’t wait to test it out, I was feeling a little lazy about the installation process. We finally got sick of stepping over the box, so I bit the bullet and designated a Saturday morning to the task. I regret to inform you that my procrastination was unwarranted and I could have been enjoying music in the shower a lot sooner! Curses!

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Installation process

Installation was very easy. It installs like any standard ventilation fan and only took about an hour. The instructions are very clear, and as someone who’s married to a graphic designer, I have an appreciation for that sort of thing. I upgraded from my 50 CFM fan to this much larger 90 CFM one and I have to say it’s a huge difference. It’s a lot more powerful, but it’s also larger. If you have a tight fit with a cabinet or door, be careful as it may cause an issue with the door scraping or banging into the fan.

The speaker is hardwired, so it doesn’t require any batteries or recharging. Can you imagine the huge pain in the tookus it would be if you had to charge a thing that’s attached to your ceiling? Forget it!

Sound quality

The sound quality on this speaker is quite good. It’s not HiFi, but it’s a bathroom fan; we cannot expect such things! I’m just glad it sounds as good as it does. I was concerned that the sound of the fan would interfere with the music, but it really doesn’t since the fan is so quiet at only 1.5 sones.

Syncing with device and using the speaker

Once installed, the device synced with my iPhone 5 very easily. Now, when I get within about 30 feet of the fan, it pairs automatically. To turn on the speaker, you flip the wall switch once and it’s just Bluetooth, flip it again and it’s fan plus Bluetooth.

Product specs

Here are the product specs taken from the Homewerks Worldwide website:

  • Connects to most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • After initial set-up pairs your device automatically when in range of speaker
  • Strong, clear signal up to 30 feet away
  • Ceiling mount only
  • 1.5 sones
  • 90 CFM

I like this fan a lot and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. It’s easy to install, works well. and sounds good! Of course, my showers are a little longer now and I’m considering trying out for The Voice!

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