App Review- Ghostwriter Notes for iPad

Some people say that technologies like the tablet computer will change the world, specifically education, and apps like Ghostwriter Notes only support these statements.

Ghostwriter Notes is a virtual notebook, especially useful and targeted towards college students. The app allows you to conjure up unlimited blank books, each fully interactive. You can write (there are 15 assorted pens and pencils available), type, erase, insert pictures, customize your notebook paper (meaning you can annotate PDFs), or even tear out pages, making this app incredibly realistic. Ghostwriter Notes is the perfect app to use a stylus on, for obvious reasons. In fact, the only thing I found unrealistic about Ghostwriter Notes is the built-in ability that allows you to undo any mistakes you have made automatically. All your notebooks are conveniently stored in an iBooks-style bookcase (which, for some people, will also unrealistically organized for them).

Ghoswrite iPad app review

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 A great feature that definitely makes this app convenient is a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows a blown up screen of a selected area of your notebook. This allows you to write margin-sized letters. Another useful feature is the ability to use iTunes file sharing, allowing you to trade notebooks with your friends. 

Ghostwriter Notes is not anywhere near perfect. I found the interface to be very basic, as opposed to the more professional feel in some other apps. Ghostwriter Notes also does support recording audio notes, a feature which can really be essential during long lectures in college. Finally, a small flaw that can easily be fixed in a future update is a tutorial notebook. Most notebook apps include a built-in book that teaches you the app's basics. Ghostwriter Notes, on the other hand, teaches you on more of a learn-as-you-go basics.

Right now school's out, so have fun while it last. But when class is back in session, you may find yourself using one of the many notebook apps out in the App Store. Ghostwriter Notes is a great app, and for $1.99 (grab it quickly while it's on sale. Normal price is $2.99), it is a fraction of the cost of what you would spend on physical notebooks.

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