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Hello there friend,

Have you ever wondered what wizardry creates the words you see on our print magazine issue after issue? It turns out there’s a bunch of humans back here, and they’re all just like you (well, not exactly like you, but eerily similar).

You too can have a shot at creating printed word magic. You see, to create every issue of iPhone Life magazine we take a whole mess of clever article ideas from humans (the same ones from above), and we choose the best ones. The selected humans then convert those clever ideas into a clever collection of words and paragraphs that we call “articles.” Eventually the words and paragraphs mix with some top-notch images, and they end up printed in over 60 countries and major distribution outlets like Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, major U.S. airports, and many other newsstands nationwide. 

The next issue we’re working on is our March/April 2013 issue, which will cover all our regular sections: Best Apps, Great Gear, At Work, iUsers, Creating Great Apps. Essentially, we’re looking for iOS-focused articles that are entertaining, useful, and compelling.

Here are some recent article ideas we liked:

  • Top 10 Multiplayer Games for iOS
  • Pimp Your Home: The Best Home Accessories for Your iPhone and iPad
  • Interviews with iEducators: Think Different. Teach Different.
  • iPhone Accessories for Biking and Hiking
  • Using Voice Dictation to Blog from Your iPad
  • The Best Waterproof iPhone Cases
  • Wine Apps Uncorked

Guess what? All that wizardry isn’t for nothing. In addition to increasing your exposure in the mobile tech space, we’ll pay you $25 for each published article. So go on and click the link below; I promise it'll be incredibly satisfying.

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A little bit more about us:

iPhone Life magazine is a print and digital publication distributed at major U.S. airports, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and newsstands around the country. In addition, iPhone Life magazine has international print distribution in over 60 countries, a readership of 600,000, and is consistently one of the top-selling digital publications on Apple Newsstand and Zinio Digital Newsstand. Writing for this kick-ass publication is extremely fun and may lead to spontaneous expressions of joy. 


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Author Details

Alex Cequea

Alex is marketing consultant, regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and the host of a web series called Social Good Now, where he highlights social issues through short animated videos. Formerly, he was a Marketing Exec at Cisco, and Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. His projects have been featured on TEDx Houston, CNN, TIME, ABC News, CBS, Univision, Fast Company, and the Huffington Post.