How to Change the Playback Speed for Audible Audiobooks on iPhone

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Here's a tip that you might not use too often, but that's useful to have if you have to get through an audiobook quickly, say, for a class or work assignment. Did you know that you can speed up the playback tempo in your Audible app on iPhone? You can also slow down the narration speed, although I've never needed to use that feature. Read on to learn how to speed up or slow down the narration speed in the Audible app on your iPhone. 

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To begin:

  • Open the Audible app.
  • Open the book you'd like to speed up or slow down by tapping it in the My Library section of the app.
iphone audiobook app
audiobook speed iphone
  • Tap on Speed in the lower left corner of the display.
  • The usual narration speed is 1x; you can slow down to .75, or speed up as much as three times faster than normal. Tap the x in the upper left corner of your display to return to your audiobook.
how to change audiobook speed
speed up audiobook iphone

Of course, reducing the narration speed will make the playback sound a bit sluggish, while increasing the speed may make it sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks are reading your audiobook!

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