Wilson Signalboost Gives the Nudge I Needed

Wilson antennaAT&T does not have the best signal in my area. To make matters worst my office is at the lowest point in town in a building with a metal roof and sides, in short a giant ferrier cage. Most of the time the signal is only strong enough to ring in. If I am “lucky” we will have a 30 second crackle fest before I do a stumbling hip hop dance to an exterior exit.

I had done a tad of reading on signal boosters and the first batch wanted me to adhere something to my iPhone. That was not going to happen, I would not sully “My Precious”. A friend said they would let me try their Wilson Signalboost. No brainer to set up, Plug and Play. I was able to snake the cable that attaches the antenna and the wireless repeater through the window. The infamous metal exterior walls do serve as a great surface for the magnetic base of the antenna. Though not great I now have an adequate signal. Thumbs up for the Wilson.

Now the question is will my friend forget the loan or do I buy and drill a hole through the wall. I will let you know later.

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