Trighede iPhone App Review


The match three genre takes a large twist with a new title on the App Store. Trighede is a uniquely made, "free"mium based puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Yo-Yos and iPhone gaming come together with bright artwork to create a wonderful visual and puzzling experience here that is sure to satisfy...for a few play-through at-least.

You'll play on a board of pegs. The idea is to simply match up a line of four diagonal or horizontal yo-yos of the same color by dragging them from each individual peg to another. You'll click on the yo-yo and drag it to the desired spot depending on the other colored pegs on the screen. After each move, more yo-yos are added to the board, which makes it more difficult to make matches as the yo-yos will not move if there is no not-blocked path to the spot.

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Trighede for iPhone

The game certainly takes its toll on your brain. Through the above, and with an additional 10-second timer between moves, which forces you to quickly make a move, the game's challenging aspects to suffice the according side of your brain, if you will. Despite the game's ability to satisfy, it clearly needs more. Save for the fact for one power up, the game is lacking anything that will keep you playing for longer than a few hours at the most.

The artwork is definitely one of the main focus points here. It's got a great user interface, all with some bright visuals.

Even though it's a free game, Trighede needs a whole lot more for players to enjoy it. It's currently fun but for only a little while. Check it out: you may just enjoy it, especially if you're looking for a simple game to keep you occupied for a bit. 

Trighede is available on the app store for free!

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