How to Check Apple Watch Battery Levels on iPhone

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If you're an Apple Watch user you can check your battery level right on your Watch, but did you know you can also check the battery on your Apple Watch from the iPhone it's paired to? This tip will come in especially handy during colder months when it might be easier to pull out your iPhone than to pull up the long sleeve covering your watch. If you've been wondering how to check the battery on an Apple Watch from your iPhone, read on to find out. 

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How to Check Battery on Apple Watch on iPhone

This tip only works if your iPhone is paired to the Apple Watch in question.

  • Swipe right on your Home or Lock screen to bring up the Today View of your notifications.
  • Scroll down the notifications until you see the heading Batteries—your Apple Watch battery life will be displayed there.

how to check battery on apple watchcheck apple watch battery

If you can't find the Batteries notification on your Today View screen, that means you need to add the Battery widget. To do this:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of your notifications and tap Edit.
  • This will take you to Add Widgets; from there, find Batteries and tap the green plus sign to the left.

how to check apple watch batterybattery widget iphone

Now you'll be able to open the Today View on your iPhone and find out the charge of your Apple Watchw any time you need to!

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