5 Tips for Taking Incredible Vacation Photos

Adventures of any kind are always the perfect excuse for taking tons of new pictures. Whether you're traveling home, taking a roadtrip across the country, or just spending a weekend doing something fun with your friends and family, these tips are here to help you document your next trip in the best possible way.  

1. Capturing the Details

The small details of an experience might seem insignificant at the time, but they also have an uncanny way of pulling us back to a specific moment. Take the time to capture details that you love—whether that’s a flower that smells like home or a leafy creek bed that brings back childhood memories.

2. Think Beyond the Standard Shot

Posing and saying “cheese!” is great for certain situations, but there’s also something magical about images that just happen—those moments unrehearsed and unplanned where your subjects are just comfortable enough to be themselves. Make a point to capture candid shots of moments as they happen. 

3. Pay Attention to Patterns and Different Angles

Think outside the box. We get so caught up looking at the world in such a specific way that we rarely consider any other options. Look up. Look down. Get at the same level as your subject. Pay attention to interesting patterns and lines. Try to look at the world from an entirely new perspective. The result will be far more visually interesting images.

4. Take a Few Panoramic Shots

I admit, I forget that I even have the option to take panoramic pictures. But they are so convenient! So many times I’ve seen a beautiful landscape, only to feel disappointed when my iPhone failed to capture everything I wanted within the frame. By using the Pano option in your Camera app, you can capture a wide range of detail in a single shot.

5. Create Collages To Offer a Brief Glimpse Into Your Day

Ok. I know I’ve brought up collages before, but they are seriously so much fun to put together while traveling, as they allow you to tell a story in a very succinct way. I love using Diptic ($0.99) but there are also a multitude of other apps available for free—including Layout by Instagram (Free) and Pic Stitch (Free).

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