How To Use Filters on iPhone Photos App

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Did you know you can apply a filter and tweak the contrast effect in the Photos app? The Photos app puts the power right in your hands with these handy iPhone filters, with no need for third-party photo editing apps! Here’s how to apply filters and tweak contrast in the Photos app on your iPhone.

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How to Add Filters to Photos on iPhone

To learn more about photo and video editing features on your iPhone or iPad, consider signing up for our free Tip of the Day. Here's how to add a filter to a photo on your Photos app:

  1. Open the Photos app.

  2. Select the photo you'd like to modify.

  3. Tap Edit.

  4. To apply a filter to your photo, tap the Filters icon at the bottom center of the screen (three overlapping circles).

  5. Scroll left or right to see your filter options.

  6. Tap the thumbnail of a filter to view the effect.

  7. Once you select a filter, drag the slider below—left for less effect and right to intensify it.

  8. Tap Done to save your changes. 

How to Remove Filters from Photos on iPhone

If you want to remove all edits and changes to your photo, you can simply revert back to the original. However, there's also a way to remove just the photo filter while keeping other edits, such as cropping. We'll cover both options. Here's how to remove a filter from a photo or revert back to the original:

  1. Open the Photos app

  2. Select the photo you wish to edit. 

  3. Tap Edit

  4. If you want to remove all photo edits and filters, tap Revert.  

  5. To remove only your photo filter, tap the Filters icon

  6. Swipe left on your filters. 

  7. Tap the left-most option labeled Original. This will remove your applied filter, but keep other edits. 

  8. Tap Done to save your changes. 

And that's it! Now you know how to add and remove filters in the Photos app on your iPhone and iPad. Happy shooting!

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