iPhone Photography: How to Select the Precise Level of Zoom on iPhone XS, iPhone 7 & 8 Plus Cameras

If you have an iPhone X, iPhone XS, or an iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus with 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, you can easily select the exact amount of zoom you'd like to use with each shot with the zoom slider. This is a really fun iPhone photography feature to play around with, so let's get started learning how to use the zoom slider to catch all the detail you've been aiming for in your pictures. 

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*Note* The more you zoom past 2x, the more pixelated your photo will become.

To begin:

  • Open the Camera app.
  • Focus on your subject, then tap the 1x setting above the aperture button.

iphone camera appiphone x camera features

  • You'll see the camera has zoomed to 2x; if you tap the 2x, your camera will go back to the 1x setting.
  • For more granular control, and the ability to zoom all the way to 10x, press and hold the 1x or 2x setting button; a zoom slider dial will appear.

iphone x zoom on camerahow to zoom iphone camera

  • Move your finger to the right or the left along the dial to zoom further in or further out from your subject.
  • When you've found the zoom setting you want, tap the shutter button to take your photo.

zoom in on image appleiphone photography

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