Five Reasons the New iPhone 5S Camera is the One to Beat

I was feeling jaded, as if I pretty much already knew most of what Apple would be announcing. I was wrong. Some of the features of the iPhone 5S are stunning—and show that Apple hasn't lost its vision. I was especially impressed with the camera (and I'm no photography buff). Some of the features don't exist on any other phone, or even any other camera, in the world. I'll leave it to the experts here to tell you more about it, but here's what I came away with.

1. Bigger Pixels

The camera has much improved optics, with a new sensor that has a 15 percent larger area. The 1.5 micron pixels are larger than those on any other phone. This, too, lets in more light for better photos. The camera continues to be 8 megapixels, but Apple explained that bigger pixels are better than more pixels.

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2. Lighting-Specific Flash

The new camera also has True Tone Flash that includes two LED flashes, with each suited to a different type of light: cool, such as from a fluorescent bulb, and warm, such as incandescent. These flashes work in concert to detect exactly the right combination needed (with over 1,000 variations) for a particular lighting situation. This feature exists on no other camera.


3. Image Stabilization

Auto image stabilization lets you avoid blurry photos.

4. Burst Mode

Burst Mode takes 20 photos in 2 seconds, with the software presenting you with the photo it thinks is the best. (You can, of course, also go back and look at the burst photos)

5. Slow Motion Video

the new camera has a feature that lets you create slow motion video by shooting 720p video at 120 frames per second, instead of the usual 30.


This shows Apple's knack for focusing on an aspect of the iPhone that was already good and taking it to a new level. Instead of features like NFC that most people don't use, or manufacturing a variety of sizes, Apple drills deep and gives you the best smartphone in the world.

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