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I don't know about any of you guys, but one of my childhood dreams was to live on a floating island in the sky. Well JCE must have read my mind or something, because now there is a new game on iOS that lets you do just that.

Rule the Sky puts you in control of a floating mass of land in the air (known as Flotia) that you can use to farm and sell crops, and then use that money to customize your land. Additionally, you can buy a premium currency called stars to buy extra special items. The more you play, the more experience you earn, the more you level up, the more you unlock new items, and the more you want to play EVEN more. Immediately, I thought of it as a fantasy spin-off of Farmville, because gameplay follows almost exactly the same as the popular Facebook game. It even includes a built-in mini social network.

Rule the Sky for iPhone

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To express my true opinion, I never liked farming tycoon games. After a while, however, I found it interesting to see what each different game had to offer that the others didn't, as well as what it lacked. One thing's for sure about Rule the Sky: the setting, at the least, is unique. I, for one, have never seen a sky island game before, which makes this game stand out. Another feature I noticed was the graphics. Characters and loading screens in the game are very anime-styled, but most of the game features an almost 3D-like effect.

Unfortunately, gameplay itself determined the final verdict, and as suspected, there weren't many new features I haven't already seen. Generic features such as simple quests, in-game currency, and a simple experience system don't bring much new to the game table. There was not much depth and, besides choosing which crops to plant, gameplay was pretty linear, and a little bit slow (there a multiple limitations on the number of crops you can grow per harvest, so you're stuck growing just one patch of crops for some time before you even unlock the ability to grow multiple crops). That being said, Rule the Sky puts on a mighty effort and definitely competes with big name games like We Rule and Farmville. If you're looking for a new game to play, and you enjoyed other similar games, Rule the Sky may be for you. With it's great design and interface, the app is so colorful and eye-catching.

Rule the sky comes for free on the App Store. I am sure you like it on the very first looks. But if you are more like me, and do not like those games, don't expect anything new from Rule the Sky.

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