App Review - Learn English Reading Obama

Learn English Reading Obama is a language-learning app teaching Spanish, Italian, German, Russian or French speakers vocabulary words and phrases in English. The app gets its name from using President Obama’s inaugural speech from January 20, 2009 as a base for learning. Once a dictionary is selected from one of the supported languages listed above, the student can then use Obama’s speech to pick out sections they do not understand. The word in these highlighted sections will then be translated to the student’s native language.

Learn English Reading Obama for iPhone

There is even a flash-card-based option for learning specific vocabulary words for students who use this app. The words previously highlighted can be accessed through individual flash cards presented for each of them. Spelling exercises are also included that help students spell the words out correctly and not just understand their meanings. The app integrates audio with text so you can listen to the speech and dissect its writing at once.

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Some downsides of the app include freezes or slow reaction times to different things you d, like switching the speech’s pages. It would also be nice to get more of a variety of documents, related to President Obama’s speeches or something else, than just Obama’s inaugural speech. However, speeches such as this, offer a lot of great diction and words not common in everyday English. These speeches can be beneficial for native English speakers as well. However, it doesn’t support English-to-English translations of words or deep explanations. You can just use a dictionary for that. For international students or those wanting to master the English language while living abroad, this is a great app however.

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