App Review - Bricks Buster

Bricks Buster is a fun and challenging brick-breaking game for the iPhone. The game offers a nice variation of levels -- 20 in total so far-- with various challenges to overcome. There are even power-ups for you to grab during levels. For instance one power-up may add additional balls to your arsenal and this will eliminate bricks faster.

The bricks come in blue or red and I haven't notice a difference in the color variations. The goal of each level is to clear the walls of all bricks by shooting balls at them. If the ball escapes the paddle you are controlling, then you lose a life.

Bricks Buster for iPhone

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The graphical-user interface consists of balls on the upper-right corner of the screen that show you how many lives you have left. There are also left and right arrows used to control the paddle. The upper-left side will show you your current score. The more bricks you break, the higher these points will be. There is also a pause button located on the lower left part of the screen.

The game controls via two virtual arrows, but to actually unleash the ball you will need to tab in the center of the screen. The gameplay is quite simple, but addictive. To anyone who loves arcade games, the game should be quite enjoyable. The graphics, however, are very simple-looking. The game also doesn't stand out in any way from other brick-breaking titles available. If you still need a quick arcade fix, though, give it a try.

Bricks Buster is $0.99 on the app store.

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