10plus Pro iPhone App Review

10plus Pro isn’t your typical brain game; it uses the basic features of finding and connecting numbers within a large square to equal the designated amount.  It tests your mathematical knowledge in its most basic form until the difficulty levels begin to rise.  The problem is that the provided numbers constantly increase, change, and you’re on a timer.  So, are you prepared to ready, set, and go?    

The concept is simple, but that doesn’t make it easy.  It’s a cross number game where you have to connect surrounding numbers to equal a certain amount.  In the beginning, the magical number is 10 and this can be reached by adding up connected numbers.  The more numbers that are used to equal 10 results in the more points that you will receive.  The first choice of numbers is 1, 2, 3, and 4 leaving many different variations that can be connected to reach your goal.  Once they are; they will disappear and be replaced with the remaining numbers of that row.  Not to worry; a new set will drop down to fill any blanks.

10Plus for iPhone

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But, there is a time limit.  You have 140 seconds to complete a round and with every set of numbers that equal 10 you will have additional seconds added on to your time.  The more set of numbers being used results in the more time added.  There are even cases where you can click on 10 different squares to equal the magical number also resulting in some extreme points and time.  Unfortunately; if an equation that you select does not equal the desired sum, you will lose 1 second per wrong combination.

Luckily, if you get stuck and have a hard time finding a set; you will hear “Cheer Up” and a working set up numbers will start bouncing indicating it’s a right choice.  If you decide to use those numbers, then you will start to see the hollow Cheer Up option on the bottom begin to fill.  And once it’s full; each row of numbers will start dropping new ones while diminishing old ones.  It’s an instant way to establish a large amount of points and time. 

10plus app review

As the levels begin to increase; the numbers do as well and combinations begin to start from 0 and end at 7.  An assumption is that it would easier to find the added numbers, but the problem arises that less tiles are being used for the equation thus a minimized amount of points and added time are achieved.  Plus, with the increase of levels; so does the magical number and eventually it will hit 20.  So, even though the game is clearly created for children; due to the constant difficulty, there are many adults who thoroughly enjoy the challenge as well.

Another goal during this game is to collect doughnuts.  If you make a combination within the first 3 seconds; you will be given one doughnut.  Once you collect five; you are given a “Fever” where every combination made within a few seconds afterwards is automatically given double points.  It’s a fever that every wants to have!

On the home page of the app; there is an option to go online and compare scores with others.  It is Japanese related, but there are many players around the world identified by their country symbol.  Best of all; there is an option to turn off the music that can either pump up your brain or give a headache; really depending on your personal preference pertaining to upbeat music.  The fact is that it is designed for children, plays music for the little ones, and even has basic math perfect for learning.  But, it doesn’t take away from the adults enjoying the features as well!   

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