FUNKtional Makes Wearables Fashionable

FUNKtional Wearables sent me a couple of FUNKtional Bracelets (Starting at $24.99) to try. When the package arrived and I opened it, my fashionista daughter exclaimed "OMG!" That was enough to tell me FUNKtional is on to something.   So what are these things anyway?

If you have a Fitbit Flex, as my daughter does, and which is selling strong even in the presence of the Apple Watch, then you don't have a lot of choices of how to wear it. Fitbit offers that rubbery band in assorted colors, but who wants to wear one of those to a wedding or even the nightclub? Yet that's exactly where you can expect to exert a lot of energy on the dance floor. With FUNKtional Wearables, you can play "where's the wearable?" because it's hard to know if someone has one one or is just wearing jewelry.

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FUNKtional offers dozens of designs of bracelets that stand alone for their style quotient. Inside the bracelet you will find a secret silicone sleeve designed to hold a Fitbit Flex sensor. You get all the benefits of the activity tracker but you don't look like a gym rat. Apple showed us that there is a market for fashionable wearables, but the Apple Watch is expensive and a lot more bulky than the FUNKtional option. Plus a Fitbit Flex can last for days without recharging, and be worn to sleep. My daughter uses hers to wake her up with a gentle vibration, whereas my Apple Watch has to charge overnight.

My daughter and I liked the wide assortment of bracelet designs. They are priced reasonably, so there's no reason you couldn't change your FUNKtional bracelet to match your wardrobe, and you could even share them with friends and family. You don't even need a Fitbit to enjoy the style of these baubles.


  • Terrific assortment of affordable bracelet designs
  • Stylish camouflage for your Fitbit


  • No masculine or gender neutral style options

Final Verdict

The FUNKtional Wearables is on to something. Some people want the technology with them, but they don't want to look geeky or wear a fitness band that clashes with their clothes .I'd still like to see if they could make one for men.

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